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Google makes it easy to switch accounts from the Chrome browser


 Google makes it easy to switch accounts from the Chrome browser

After the release of version 88 of the Chrome browser for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux systems, Google now releases the next version of the browser, so that the new version 89 brings many improvements to the user.

And for those who share computers and browsers, version 89 renews user accounts within the browser.

Google has long offered Chrome browser accounts as a way for people who share devices to keep their browser information separate.

While previous updates focused on easier login and improved theme customizations, the wider account experience has not changed.

The new Google update aims to make these designated spaces more distinct from one another.

The new system, promoted as a complete overhaul of accounts, allows you to create and alter separate color-coded visual themes that include their own backgrounds.

As usual, you can get these new features from the Chrome Web Store, and after creating the accounts, it should be theoretically easier to identify each of them when you return to the browser.

When creating a new account, you are prompted to customize the look of the browser and choose your preferred color scheme, and the color-coded visual features are a visual indication that you are in the correct account.

Google said: If you have multiple accounts set up, you see an option to select the account every time you restart Chrome.

While the focus is on avoiding confusion among many browser users, it is easy to envision additional use cases for users who wish to keep their business activity, including bookmarks and history, separate from their personal browsing.

The Chrome browser starts displaying an updated account page when opened, and the account selection feature is available via the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the avatar next to the omnibox.

After launching on Chrome OS in December, the Tab Search feature is coming to desktop computers.

And you can click the dropdown icon in the upper-right corner for a list of open pages across all windows.

The browser displays five at a time, while you can also quickly close tabs from that view.

Google's work to encourage the use of HTTPS continues in this release, so that when users do not specify a protocol while entering the website address, Chrome 89 first tries to use HTTPS before returning to HTTP as necessary.

The update also includes an expansion of the Reading List feature in Chrome, which was previously limited to the iOS app, and you can now save articles for later reading via the Android and desktop versions of the Chrome browser.