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Google lets you add missing routes into Maps

 Google lets you add missing routes into Maps

Google has announced three new ways in which you can help make maps more informative and accurate, making them more useful as people scan places online before they leave their homes.

Google lets you add missing routes into Maps

To begin with, the tech giant is facing a nationwide challenge hoping to encourage you to leave more comments for local businesses.

During the next month, you can join the Local Love Challenge if you have an Android device in the US.

And you see the option to contribute to the goal of updating 100,000 companies when you go to the Contribute tab in the Google Maps app.

Aside from being able to leave ratings and reviews, you can also confirm and update enterprise information, such as store opening hours.

Google is also launching a new feature that allows you to upload enterprise photos via Maps in the coming weeks.

You can leave photos of a place with a short text description to show others that a restaurant has a seating outside or that a place has changed its facade without leaving comments or star ratings.

You can also see images in the Updates tab when searching for a place in Maps, and to contribute, you can click the Download Image Update button on the same tab.

Google launched the ability to report map changes using a desktop editing tool.

You can add missing roads in maps by choosing Edit in the side menu and Draw Lines.

The tool also allows you to change the direction of the road, re-align and delete incorrect roads, as well as rename them if the information in the maps is no longer accurate.

And if you are trying to add a missing road for the time being, you can add a pin where the road should be and type in the name of the road to send this information to Google only.

The new tool should facilitate the addition of missing roads and make corrections, such as: fix the name of the road or its direction, if the road is one-way, but Google Maps says: It is not so.

Allowing anyone to modify maps can be risky, so Google is checking road updates before publishing them to prevent people from adding wrong information.

The tech giant will offer this feature in 80 countries in the coming months.