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Dangerous new site that makes you change anyone's speech via deepfake technology


 Dangerous new site that makes you change anyone's speech via deepfake technology

Although it is usually associated with entertainment and even ethically questionable practices, the deepfake clip can also represent an opportunity to promote an initiative that uses audiovisual resources.

For this type of project, Deep Word comes as an alternative, which is a web platform capable of creating fully synthetic videos within minutes. Thanks to the fact that the material is processed on the servers of this website, you do not need powerful equipment to produce this type of video. In the words of the company for this site, it is emerging as an alternative to producing videos without relying on a camera.
To produce a video using Deep Word, only two things are needed: a clip in which the person who will be in deepfake can be clearly seen, and you have an audio source of the same length as the video, and it can be recorded in any language, but it must be recorded in the best possible quality, without noise or differences. Big in size. You can review the optimal instructions for identifying this content in Deep Word's same page.

Deep Word claims to have the ability to sync the lip and jaw movements of anyone appearing in the clip with the pre-defined audio. The editing process generally takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Once completed, the result is notified by email.

Since the video obtained was created thanks to the work of an automated system, the results may show some defects from time to time, such as poor synchronization of lip and jaw movement. In light of this, you can request a manual review of the created video through the "Comments" button on the site. Through that, the Deep Word team will review it and correct the defects.

Website link: Deep Word