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Coman: Pedri's return surprised me ... and crossing Seville in the Spanish Cup is not impossible


 Coman: Pedri's return surprised me ... and crossing Seville in the Spanish Cup is not impossible

Barcelona's first football coach Ronald Koeman has expressed his surprise that the midfielder, Pedri, has quickly returned to participate in group training.

Pedri participated this morning, Tuesday, naturally in Barcelona training in preparation for tomorrow's match, Wednesday, against Seville in the second leg of the King's Cup semi-final, despite his injury a few days ago with a muscle strain in his left sole and expectations were to return after two or 3 weeks.

Coman spoke at the beginning of his press conference about the Seville match, and said: “After our result in front of them in the last round of the Spanish League (2-0 victory), we are confident of our ability to win, but we lost 2-0 on the go, we have to play a better match. From Saturday to qualify, nothing is impossible. "

He continued:
 "It is important to come back in the result of the match, and the King of Spain Cup is an important step for us this season and we believe in our ability to rise, and we must prove that."

He added: "We know the result of the go-to, which is a difficult result to return to, but we have some possibilities after our performance in the last match. We have a great desire to go forward with that tournament, but we need more effectiveness and take advantage of the opportunities that we have, as well as clean our nets."

And about Pedri's participation in training despite the injury, the Dutchman replied: "There are things that are difficult to explain. I was also surprised yesterday that he had already done individual training. Today he trained without problems. We have to wait until tomorrow and he can enter the list."

Coman concluded his conference by talking about Arujo: 
"He did not participate in the group exercises, because he felt some pain. Tomorrow in the last training we will see if he is well and can enter the list or not."