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Arsenal legend warns Liverpool


 Arsenal legend warns Liverpool: Fulham is dangerous, but Mohamed Salah and Firmino may have a different opinion!

Arsenal legend Martin Keon warned Liverpool about the danger of Fulham before facing them on Sunday in the 27th round of the English Premier League.

Tomorrow, Liverpool will host at home to "Anfield", Fulham, at four o'clock in the afternoon "Cairo", led by referee Kevin Friend.

Keon explained his point of view in statements to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", and said: "Fulham has a very distinguished defense with the presence of Joachim Anderson and Tusen Adaraboyo who considered his style similar to Robin Diaz (Manchester City)."

And he continued: "Andersen succeeded in passing one of the long balls that Lockman used in the attack and scored the goal of Fulham's victory over Sheffield United before Jolene. This is one of the dangerous weapons that Liverpool may face in tomorrow's match."

He added: "Liverpool must rely on a defensive line capable of dealing with long and high balls, to try to prevent any danger to the goal because it could harm them a lot."

And he continued his statements: "Liverpool has been suffering in the recent period in defense because of reliance on players who are not specialized in the defense, and this is what we saw in Mason Mount's goal."

He continued: "But the loss of Fulham on Thursday against Tottenham, showed some shortcomings in their defense line in the Daily Alley goal, as the defenders focused on Harry Kane and let his teammate score in their own goal without any pressure."

And he continued: "This is what Liverpool may exploit in tomorrow's match, with the presence of Roberto Firmino, who will be the greatest danger to Fulham's defenses because of his moves that might give Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane an opportunity to score."

He concluded his remarks: "Fulham is no longer the same team that started the Premier League. There is a great improvement in performance after they clung to coach Scott Parker, until he succeeded in implementing his ideas in recent weeks."