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Arsenal legend warns Liverpool against selling Mohamed Salah


 Arsenal legend warns Liverpool against selling Mohamed Salah: Maybe you can sacrifice his teammate!

Arsenal legend Paul Merson believes that Liverpool should not consider selling the striker of the first football team, Mohamed Salah, explaining that he cannot be dispensed with during the coming period.

Arsenal legend warns Liverpool against selling Mohamed Salah

In the last period, the name Mohamed Salah was associated with the possibility of leaving the ranks of Liverpool, especially after his extreme dissatisfaction after his replacement in the Chelsea match in the English Premier League.

But Merson has a different view from the opinions of some English football experts, which is that Liverpool should think of selling Mohamed Salah after the end of the current season and support the team with other players who are able to return the Reds to the right path.

The Arsenal legend spoke about his point of view through his article in the British newspaper "Daily Star", and said: "Mohamed Salah is invaluable for a club like Liverpool, so they cannot think of selling him."

He continued: "Mohamed Salah is the top scorer in the English Premier League this season, although he plays in the position of the right wing. His scoring record speaks about him despite wasting many chances."

He added: "There are a lot of rumors about his future, but if I were in charge of Liverpool, I would never think of losing Mohamed Salah."

He concluded his remarks: "Even if Klopp wanted to renew the blood in the team, I would not sell Mohamed Salah for that, perhaps through Roberto Firmino."