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Apple may launch an iPhone 13 with a capacity of 1 TB


 Apple may launch an iPhone 13 with a capacity of 1 TB. Here's what you can store in this capacity?

Some leaks indicated that Apple's iPhone 13 might include an option for internal storage with a capacity of 1 TB in some models, in addition to including LiDAR technology in the entire series of phones, according to a report issued by analysts at Wedbush.

In addition, according to the same report, the initial supply chain for the upcoming iPhone 13 phones is currently in the range of 100 million units which is an increase of 25% year-on-year.

In terms of specifications, there is the confidence that some upcoming iPhone models may include an internal storage option of 1 TB, which is twice the storage capacity of the current iPhone 12 series, which is 512 GB.

Do you really want an iPhone with an internal storage capacity of 1 TB, and what is the amount of data that you can store in this storage capacity that does not exist - until now - except in five smartphones only, three of which belong to Samsung?
To try to understand how much data you can store in the iPhone 13, which will come with a capacity of 1 TB - if the rumors are true - the most appropriate way to do this is by calculating it with numbers:

- It produces 320kbps MP3 files - the highest quality available in this format - 2.4MB files per minute, so if we mentioned that the average length of a song is three minutes, that means that each song will be 7.2MB in size, this means that you can store 138,889 A song in your phone, which would take approximately 416,667 minutes to listen, or 6,944 hours, or 289 days.

- A 4K UHD video consumes about 7 GB per hour of playback time, and this means that you can store approximately 143 hours of 4K videos in your phone, and that's just over 57 movies each movie lasts two and a half hours.

- The average size of any iPhone app is around 34.3MB, which means you can install up to 29,070 apps on your phone.
It is worth noting that Apple has not yet decided the date of announcing the lineup of new iPhones (iPhone 13) that will be launched this year; But as usual; Several leaks and rumors have already appeared about the specifications and features of these phones.