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Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 12 in India


 Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 12 in India

After five years of building supply lines and supporting manufacturing in India, Apple is ready to roll out its iPhone 12 lineup - destined for domestic sale - in India.

Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 12 in India

Apple said in a statement: We are proud to start the production of the iPhone 12 in India for our local customers, and Apple is dedicated to providing the best products and services in the world to make our customers happy.

In May 2020, Apple began the process of expanding its manufacturing efforts in India, with the potential goal of transferring nearly a fifth of the current manufacturing in China to India.

The move comes at a time when the iPhone manufacturer is experiencing rapid growth in the country.

Statistics show that the company's iPhone business has doubled year on year in India for the fourth quarter of 2020, but the number is still relatively low at 1.5 million units.

Despite doubling its previous numbers, Apple is not a significant player in the region due to its pricey devices.

The company is working to gain a foothold in the world's fastest-growing smartphone market by marketing legacy models and building specific devices within the country.

Apple also charges lower in India for premium subscription services, such as Apple Music.

In addition to the upcoming iPhone 12 production, the company also manufactures the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR in India.

Market research firm IDC India said: With plans to manufacture the iPhone 12 in India, this helps Apple continue its momentum last year in 2021 as well.

And in February, Apple announced it was restarting production at its Narasapura facility of Indian assembly partner Wistron after riots in December led to its shutdown.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in February 2020 that the company was opening its first physical retail store in the country in 2021.

This news comes at a time when the iPhone 12 lineup has received a tremendous response in the country, and despite its arrival in October, the new lineup contributed significantly to the company's rise from October to December in the country.