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Andrew Robertson: Football now isn't that important

 Robertson on Patricio's serious injury to Liverpool: Football now is not important

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson confirmed that football becomes irrelevant if players suffer serious injuries.

Andrew Robertson: Football now isn't that important

Robertson's statement came after Wolverhampton goalkeeper Roy Patricio suffered a serious injury in front of Liverpool, in their match yesterday in the Premier League.

Liverpool won with a goal without response, in the twenty-eighth round at Moulinho Stadium.

In the 90th minute, Patricio suffered a severe head injury, after hitting his colleague Connor Cody in the knee.

Patricio was unconscious on the field for more than 10 minutes, before being transported on a stretcher.

"Football becomes unimportant when someone has fallen on the field for a long time and doctors have to intervene," Robertson said in statements published by the BBC.

He added, "It is terrible when he is in front of you. I hope Patricio is well."

And he continued: "Our hearts and prayers are to Patricio, I know how this could affect the players, especially since this is the second incident of the same quality that Wolverhampton is exposed to this season (after Raul Jimenez)."

And he added: "I hope to see Patricio in the matches again soon because he is a great goalkeeper."