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An upcoming clash between Klopp and Van Dijk over Euro 2020


 An upcoming clash between Klopp and Van Dijk over Euro 2020

Press reports revealed that Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk opposes coach Juergen Klopp's opinion regarding his participation in the Euro 2020 tournament next summer.

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The Dutch defender has not participated in any match since he was severed in the cruciate ligament during the Liverpool and Everton match in the English Premier League, last October.

Van Dijk underwent surgery at the time and began a rehabilitation program.

In previous statements, Jurgen Klopp stressed that it was difficult to imagine Van Dijk and Joe Gomez participating in the European Nations Cup next summer.

Klopp pointed out that the serious injuries suffered by Van Dyck and Gomez made their participation in the aforementioned tournament difficult.

Nevertheless, the English newspaper "Mirror" reported that Dutch sources confirmed that Van Dijk aims to participate with his country in Euro.

And reported that Van Dijk has not given up his desire to play in that tournament, which will start in June of this year.

This situation portends an upcoming clash between Klopp and Van Dijk , as the German coach fears that the player will face any complications if he urges his return before the start of the new season.

Klopp excludes Van Dyck and Gomez's participation in Euro 2020

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp has ruled out the possibility of duo Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez, with their national teams, to participate in the Euro 2020 championship next summer.

Van Dijk has missed Liverpool since he suffered a torn cruciate knee ligament last October, during the Everton match.

The Dutch defender underwent surgery and began individual training during the last period.

As for Gomez, he suffered a torn tendon in his left knee while training with the England national team during the international break, last November.

Klopp said in statements published in the English newspaper "Mirror": "This is not my decision, but frankly, the information I have at the moment indicates that it is not possible (Van Dijk  and Gomez's participation in Euro)."

He added: "It does not mean that I will not let them go because I do not want to do it anyway, but this is because of the extent of the injuries, we all hope that they are ready to start the pre-season with us, this is what we hope."

He continued: "But we must not forget that these are really serious injuries. It is not about saying which competition they can play in. I am always open to positive surprises. They suddenly appeared in training, but no one told me that they were almost ready."

He continued: "Van Dijk and Gomez look better than Matip, Joe started running, and Van Dijk is already working, but this is really difficult. We will be very happy when they are ready to train with us before the pre-season."

And he continued: "Their participation in Euro ?, I did not think about that, when should you return to be able to play in that tournament ?, the previous week? On the day you just start? I do not know."

He concluded, "I might understand the need for that, but we cannot make this decision and we will not do it. It is only about when they are fit, that is what it is."

It is reported that the Euro competitions were supposed to be held last summer, but they were postponed for the next summer due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, while keeping its name (Euro 2020).