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An imaginary program that turns your device's desktop into a home in 3D


 An imaginary program that turns your device's desktop into a home in 3D

It is the 3DNA Desktop program that makes you live a completely different atmosphere on the desktop of your device, as it turns it into a large two-story house that you organize files on at any corner you want in the house, so if we assume that you have stored it in a room on the first floor while you are at the bottom, then you will have Climbing the stairs until you reach the room or the place where you saved the files to open them, and it also gives you the advantage of opening images on the walls in 3D and other things that you can do on the program, it is generally a simulator of your life on the desktop of the computer.

First you download the program from the Softonic website via this link below the article

After downloading and installing the program, you will see a list of settings through which you can customize the roof of the office, which you will see that it has turned into a house that you move around in as you like, where you can change the theme, open pictures and files in a specific corner of the house, and store them in the places you want and a set of other settings that you will know On him after contact with the program.
The program has many videos on YouTube, and I found one for you