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After his brilliance against Wolverhampton ... Guardiola: Mahrez dances on the field


 After his brilliance against Wolverhampton ... Guardiola: Mahrez dances on the field

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola praised the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, after his brilliance against Wolverhampton last night in the Premier League.

Manchester City won, 4 goals to a goal, in the 29th round.

Mahrez gave a great performance in that match, as he managed to create the second goal and score the third.

"Mahrez is a man dancing on the field," Guardiola said in comments published on the official Manchester City website.

The Spaniard said: 
"He does not lose balls, he makes additional passes, attracts opponents to him and then passes the ball behind them."

He continued,
 "Mahrez also makes great shows, we knew that, that's why we paid money to buy him from Leicester City."

He concluded, "We hope that Mahrez will continue in this way."

Guardiola comments on the Barcelona crises and the arrest of Bartomeu

The coach of Manchester City's first football team, Pep Guardiola, has commented on the crises that Barcelona has been experiencing in the recent period and the arrest of the former Catalan giants president, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Barcelona has been suffering from financial crises due to the Coronavirus pandemic since last year, in addition to other administrative problems due to the previous council led by Bartomeu and the "BarcaGate" case related to hiring a company to direct public opinion through social media for the benefit of this council.

Guardiola spoke at the press conference after the end of the Wolverhampton match in the English Premier League about the matter, and said:
 "I know that Barcelona's situation is uncomfortable and I hope it ends as soon as possible and in the best possible way."

He added: "Bartomeu is already innocent until now until proven guilty by the Catalan police and the judiciary on that case, the only thing that raises my concern is that Barcelona will have a new president within a week."

He continued: 
"I would like to congratulate the three candidates (Laporta, Frica, Font) for their election campaigns. We are in a difficult situation all over the world and in Barcelona in particular, for many reasons that everyone already knows."

Guardiola continued his remarks: "I hope that the new president will have all the courage to lead this wonderful club in the coming years, and he is sure that the largest possible number of members will participate in those elections to choose the right president in the end."

And he continued: "For me, Barcelona is considered the best club in the world with such controversial issues and forcing the press and the media to shed light on permanently what is happening there, but I am confident that the club will be back stronger in a short time."

And he concluded his remarks: "I hope that the new president will have the confidence of everyone in order to restore the normal position in which Barcelona should be in the coming years. I look forward to the elections next Sunday and I hope that the new president is worthy of responsibility."