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After the "EA Portal" scandal, EA is deactivating the FIFA "content granting" system

 After the "EA Portal" scandal, EA is deactivating the FIFA "content granting" system

EA announced recently that it has disabled all content granting systems in the FIFA game, after it was discovered that an employee or employees within the company were involved in selling FIFA 21 Ultimate Team resources and rare items to players through the black market in exchange for real money in what is now known as the scandal. "EA portal"

After the "EA Portal" scandal, EA is deactivating the FIFA "content granting" system

The company also announced that it has launched a large-scale investigation campaign that includes research and identification of the people involved and the methods they followed in order to sell these resources and elements from within the company to the players outside it. The company will hold accountable all those involved in this breach of the company's policy.

According to the announcement, the investigation will be divided into two parts, the first of which will be to prosecute those involved from within the company, as the necessary legal measures will be taken against them, while on the other hand, all accounts that have purchased these rare items and resources will be followed up, withdrawn from them, and then close forever, and the company has stated In a brief statement of it the following:
In no event will EA condone content that grants or purchases player items for money because it conflicts with the integrity of Competitive Gameplay and is a violation of EA's User Agreement, which is something we will not tolerate.

 So far, EA has not revealed any details about the scandal of the EA portal except that it has started an investigation into the matter to verify some of the reports and pictures that were published through regular accounts of players on the Internet that prove the existence of dialogues and bargains about selling these rare resources through people within the company, but taking The move to suspend all content granting systems in the game may be an indication that the company has come up with real evidence that proves this is true.

For those not familiar with the content grant system, it is a process in which certain in-game items are distributed directly to a specific account in FIFA, these items could be a player, a kit, or an item.

The three most popular ways in which this content is awarded is through global customer experience, testing and QV and awarding discretionary content by (athletes, partners, and employees).