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Ace: There is a problem between Klopp and Mohamed Salah in Liverpool, and the big Europeans are waiting


 Ace: There is a problem between Klopp and Mohamed Salah in Liverpool, and the big Europeans are waiting

The Spanish newspaper "AS" shed light on what happened in the match between Liverpool and Chelsea, between our Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, and Juergen Klopp, the Reds coach, in yesterday's match between the two teams in the English Premier League.

Liverpool fell in "Anfield" with a clean goal at the hands of Chelsea, in the match that brought together the two teams yesterday evening, Thursday, in the meetings of the twenty-ninth round of the Premier League.

Salah participated in the match as a starting point, and was substituted in the 62nd minute, and Alex Chamberlain replaced him, and Mo appeared completely angry after his substitution.

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In its report on Salah’s replacement and his reaction, the newspaper said:
"Al-Masry was substituted in the 61st minute against Chelsea, and his anger was remarkable, and his agent, Rami Abbas, opened the debate about his future with a mysterious tweet."

And she continued:
  "A gray night for Juergen Klopp, Thursday evening, with Liverpool, who fell against Chelsea, in a match that saw the Egyptian striker, Mohamed Salah, be replaced, and he showed his anger by leaving the stadium, which is unusual for him."

She added:
  "Mohamed Salah walked in front of Klopp with an angry face, and sat in the stands while he was making angry gestures. Salah is not the only one who bothered by his replacement, but Jimmy Carragher as well, who expressed his surprise at Mo's replacement."

And she continued:
`` The future of Mohamed Salah is in the air, as his agent quickly posted a mysterious message on Twitter, which sparked rumors about his future, just minutes after his player left the match, he wrote a tweet with a point, he just needed to put a point for the message to spread widely and the networks exploded while talking about The difficult situation the Egyptian wing is facing with Klopp. "

She continued:
 "We should not forget that Salah is a player loved by the major clubs in Europe, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona and Bayern Munich, who are the first in the list of candidates if he decides one day to take a new step in his career."

 Salah caused controversy about his future himself, after he held an interview with the same newspaper, and left the door to leave Liverpool open, hinting at the possibility of his departure to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

The newspaper concluded its report by saying:
 "At the age of 28, Salah can rethink a leap in his career now because things are not what Liverpool would like under Klopp's leadership."