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A smart sweat patch gives you information about your body while you exercise


 A smart sweat patch gives you information about your body while you exercise

Gatorade, a company known worldwide for its sports drinks, entered the sports accessory market by introducing the GX Sweat Patch, which is a sweat patch that sticks to the skin and creates a unique sweat feel for each user.

Thanks to this sweat patch, we will be able to see how much dehydration we feel during activity or sodium loss. To do this, we have to apply the patch to the left forearm while playing sports. Once the training is completed, we do a scan using a mobile app that seeps into the adhesive and it will create a user sweat profile.
Operating the patch is very simple because it has ducts that absorb part of the sweat we generate when exercising: the more we sweat, the more filling it becomes.

The GX Sweat Patch does not have an electronics or a Bluetooth connection, the mobile app is responsible for interpreting the results. In addition to analyzing and interpreting that information, this app provides us with recommendations to help the athlete's performance and can connect to other platforms such as Garming, Apple Health or Strava to integrate the data.

At the moment, the app is only available for iOS devices, although it is expected to be close to Android as well. As for the rest, this patch is only for one use, and because of that it is very expensive, with two of them costing $ 25, so it is understood that they are intended for high-level athletes.