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Xiaomi announces the wireless charging pad

 Xiaomi announces the wireless charging pad

Xiaomi unveiled the new wireless charging pad during the Mi Mix event, which is capable of charging three devices simultaneously without precise placement, similar to the canceled Apple AirPower charger.

Xiaomi announces the wireless charging pad

The company says: It began working on it when Apple gave up two years ago, and it took two years to solve the problem of overheating.

Apple has not publicly shared the reason for canceling the AirPower other than that the device is unable to meet high standards, but there have been multiple reports that it was an overheating issue that caused the AirPower's demise.

Xiaomi explains that it has discovered how to make wireless charging at the same wired charging speed using a high-power wireless smartphone charger.

According to the company, this wireless charging pad features up to 20W of wireless power per device and includes 19 coils, allowing users to place any three devices that support Qi wireless charging.

And unlike most other versions, the Xiaomi Wireless Charging Pad is affordable, selling for around $ 90, however, it is not known if the charging pad will see a release outside of China.

It is reported that Xiaomi is not the first company to manufacture its own version of AirPower, as Nomad released in 2019 a Base Station Pro charger, which is an 18-coil wireless charger that can charge any three devices without a specific position, but one of the downsides was that, unlike the iPhone, the panel was presented 5 watts for charging only.

In addition to the new wireless charging pad, Xiaomi also unveiled its new Mi 11 Ultra phone, which includes 67W wireless charging unlike Mi 10 Ultra and Huawei Mate 40 Pro, which previously had the fastest wireless charging of 50 watts, in addition to that, Xiaomi also announced a new 80W wireless charger.