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Virtual 25 - virtual Gucci sneakers

 Virtual 25 - virtual Gucci sneakers

The Gucci brand dives into virtual luxury shoes with a new pair of exclusive digital sneakers called Virtual 25, which can be worn in AR or used in partner apps like Roblox and VRChat.

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Gucci sneakers usually sell for over $ 500, but this week the luxury fashion giant started selling the digital pair for just $ 12.99.

Surprisingly, the shoes are much less expensive than typical Gucci pieces, as you can buy Virtual 25 from the Gucci app for $ 12.99, or $ 8.99 on the Wanna Kicks sneaker app.

The Virtual 25 sneakers were designed by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, and have a green and pink bushy look that might not suit everyone.

And like all Gucci clothing, the shoes also bear the iconic GC logo, found in this case via the sole and inflatable tongue, which can be wearable in augmented and virtual reality only.

The shoes were created in partnership with Wanna, a company that specializes in providing augmented reality technology for marketing and has its own app to try out sneakers virtually.

Virtual 25 is sold on Wanna for $ 8.99, but if you want the downloadable assets to display shoes in other apps, such as Roblox or VRChat, you must purchase it for $ 12.99 on Gucci.

The appetite for digital collectibles is increasing with the increasing popularity of NFT, and although there is no blockchain technology here, Gucci shoes have an advantage here over most NFTs, as they are not just a proprietary symbol, they can be used.

These shoes represent Gucci’s first digital model, but the brand is not new to in-app purchases.

The fashion house sells digital arcade games in its app, and in January it began offering augmented reality functions, allowing customers to try out sneakers and watches virtually.

The brand became famous for its digital innovations earlier this year and released Pokemon GO characters wearing Gucci x North Face costumes, which are geolocated near retail outlets.