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Twitter wants to launch Spaces for everyone in April

 Twitter wants to launch Spaces for everyone in April

By updating its Twitter mobile app, the company has announced plans to roll out the Spaces voice chat feature - the social network's newly launched voice chat rooms to compete with the similar app Clubhouse - on a massive scale.

Twitter wants to launch Spaces for everyone in April

With this feature available, anyone can create live rooms with up to 10 people talking and unlimited numbers can join in to listen.

An app update from Twitter says:
 Introducing Spaces, where live voice chats happen, you can now Tweet and speak, and Spaces bring Twitter to life.

Although the release notes indicate that Twitter is ready to launch the Spaces feature for everyone, the information indicates that there is still work to be done, and the goal is to launch the feature in April.

This news appeared within the Spaces room of Twitter itself, hosted by the company, and the company did not explain its plans in detail, but its essence is that it is trying to transfer the product to a state that anyone can host Space starting in April.

Meanwhile, users across both iOS and Android can join and talk through the chat rooms currently available.

The company has been beta testing this functionality with some users for a few months now, and anyone in the current service form can join Space, but only beta testers can create a room.

The service has become a cross-platform trend, with many users writing in their CVs that they are beta testers of the feature.

The team responsible for Spaces is constantly communicating with Twitter users to share experiences, comments, and what they're adding to the feature.

Spaces is just one of a host of new features that the company has announced in the past few months.

Twitter Chief Product Officer Kayvon Beykpour discussed the entire collection earlier this week, including hidden content like Snapchat and Instagram Twitter Fleets and Super Follows where you can pay to subscribe to additional Twitter content from your favorite creators. , Which is a similar business model to Substack and OnlyFans.