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The reactions of Liverpool fans after the Champions League draw and Real Madrid

 Liverpool fans after the draw: Time for revenge .. We expect Mohamed Salah to celebrate wrestling in front of Ramos

Liverpool fans are predicting a revenge mission for Mohamed Salah after the Champions League quarter-final draw resulted in Liverpool's confrontation with his Real Madrid counterpart.

Salah will meet Sergio Ramos again three years after he was injured and cried in the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev.

The fans entered a frenzy after the results of the draw were announced, anticipating the long-awaited confrontation between Mohamed Salah and Sergio Ramos.

The 2018 Champions League final saw Salah hit his shoulder after Ramos interfered and left the stadium, shortly before half an hour passed, and Zinedine Zidane's men won the title after an eventful match in Kiev.

The reactions of Liverpool fans after the Champions League draw and Real Madrid

It was a pivotal moment in the final, as star Salah left the stadium crying due to a shoulder injury that required surgery, with Real Madrid being given the advantage in the confrontation.

Ramos increased the anger of Liverpool fans shortly after clashing with Loris Karius, who was later diagnosed with a concussion.

The majority of Liverpool fans have never forgiven the Real Madrid captain for his actions in the final match.

Now it seems that the Egyptian striker may take revenge after the draw that brought the two opponents together again, but this time, it will be a home and away match.

Liverpool fans were happy with the draw, and they claimed that the Egyptian winger who scored the goals would finally avenge the defeat in 2018.

The reactions of Liverpool fans after the Champions League draw and Real Madrid

"Ramos and Salah, not Ronaldo and Bale, we have Alison, you cannot wait for revenge. Liverpool in the Champions League is a difficult team, you wish to face it. Liverpool will be the weakest team, but it will not be a joke!"

 "I regret that we will not give a proper welcome to Ramos."

"revenge time".

 "Let's hope that Salah takes revenge on Ramos and scores two beautiful goals."


 A Twitter user posted a photo of a tight-fitting jacket, indicating that Salah would not give Ramos any opportunity to touch his arms again.

 "I don't care about the result. I just want Salah to score and celebrate wrestling in front of Ramos."

 "I wanted to face Real Madrid, and I cannot wait for Salah Ramos to return directly to Seville."