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The most hacked passwords in the world and the number of times it was hacked


 These are the most hacked passwords in the world, and the number of times it has been hacked .. Check whether your password exists

One of the main security tips to protect your online presence is using different passwords for each of your accounts. In addition, it is recommended that these passwords consist of numbers, letters, and other symbols so that you have a high level of security.

The most hacked passwords in the world and the number of times it was hacked

Reports show every year the most hacked passwords in the world, and the passwords are so easy that anyone can guess them. As you can imagine, the best thing is that you do not use any of these passwords, because that means that hackers can access your accounts, and thus your private data, without much difficulty.
This time we're going to talk about a study by NordPass, a NordVPN-owned password manager, that reveals the 200 most hacked passwords at the moment. In addition to stating what they are, the report identifies the number of times specifically hacked during 2020. Let's get to know these dangerous passwords.

We know that thinking of a new password for that digital service you will be registering for can be tedious. Also imagine that later the hard password you will create will be impossible for you when you remember it.

For this reason, many users choose the easy way and form simple words so that they remember it later without any problem. This is how hackers get to guess it easily.

The report by NordPass collects the 200 most hacked passwords, although we'll list the 25 most common passwords below. and this is:

123456 - Hacked 23,597,311 times.

123456789 - Hacked 7870694 times.

qwerty - hacked 3,946,737 times.

password - Hacked 3,759,315 times.

12345678 - Hacked 2,944,615 times.

abc123 - hacked 2877,689 times.

password1 - hacked 2,418,984 times.

000000 - hacked 1,959,780 times.

iloveyou - 1,645,337 captured times.

monkey - hacked 992,381 times.

qwertyuiop - 1,108,463 hacked.

The important thing is to review this list thoroughly and access your passwords to verify if you are using any of those listed. Once you are sure that you have also fallen into using some of the most hacked passwords in the world, what you need to do is change them immediately.
1234 - hacked 1,296,186 times.

dragon - 984209 hacked.

666666 - Hacked 889,482 times.

myspace1 - hacked 737,761 times.

1q2w3e4r - 658945 Breakthrough.

987654321 - Hacked 599,177 times.

zxcvbnm - hacked 592,416 times.

fuckyou - hacked 557,507 times.

112233 - hacked 543,303 times.

123 123123 - Hacked 505,507 times.

123456a - Hacked 980 190 times.

654321 - Hacked 953,549 times.

1q2w3e4r5t - 1199289 hacked.

123123 - Hacked 2,238,694 times.

1234567890 - 2,264,884 hacked.