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Ace 3 .. The latest Fitbit kids' fitness tracker


 Ace 3 .. The latest Fitbit kids' fitness tracker

Fitbit introduces the third edition of the Ace 3 fitness and sleep tracker for kids, designed for kids 6 years and older.

Fitbit Ace 3 adopts a new, curved design that is more aesthetically pleasing than the previous model, Ace 2.

Ace 3 .. The latest Fitbit kids' fitness tracker

There are a lot of visual similarities between this product and the Fitbit Inspire 2, which was launched last year, and the device comes in black with red or blue with green.

This version adds new mobile watch faces, customizable accessories, and claims up to eight days of battery life in a waterproof design with new color options as well.

In addition to improved battery life, the Ace 3 tracker has a 20 percent brighter screen and includes Do Not Disturb and Sleep modes, if the child has a smartphone associated with the wearable.

The new moving watch faces - including designs for the bunny, cat, Mars and spaceship - change and grow as kids progress toward their fitness goals.

Fitbit Ace is designed to help children build healthy habits and increase physical activity, and it also allows parents to track a child's activity levels and the number of hours they sleep.

And Ace trackers don't allow kids to join Fitbit's social aspects, with people sharing exercise photos.

Parents must create a Fitbit account for any child 12 years of age or younger to use Fitbit Ace models.

And like previous Ace versions, the Ace will have a 3-step counter but not a heart rate monitor.

Ace shows kids' fitness and sleep goals, and uses the same notifications that standard Fitbit trackers do to get kids to move.

The daily active minutes goal is set to the CDC recommended 60 minutes, the daily step count is set to 10,000, and the hourly 250 steps are reached.

The price of the device is $ 80, and is available for initial orders starting today, and will be available worldwide on March 15.