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Take Two boss avoids answering a question about when GTA 6 will be unveiled

 Take Two boss avoids answering a question about when GTA 6 will be unveiled

During one of the conference that Take Two president Strauss Zelnick attended from a distance recently, a question was asked to him by one of the investor attendees in an attempt to find out when the GTA 6 game would be revealed, but Zelnick cleverly evaded this question without giving any answer.

Take Two boss avoids answering a question about when GTA 6 will be unveiled

During the recorded meeting, Morgan Stanley did not try to identify a specific date for the disclosure of the game, but was seeking to know the year in which this would take place, but Zelnick gave a diplomatic answer that could not be advanced or delayed in the current situation about the game, as he said:
Well, Rockstar hasn't announced any new titles to the market and when there is an ad to be released it will come from Rockstar, so I would probably leave you there and not think you were expecting anything else.

 If we want to analyze Zelnik's answer, a clear answer cannot be reached while the game’s audience analyzed this answer in two directions. The first is that the game is under development and will soon be revealed through Rockstar, while the other direction sees that this is a hint that the game is still far away and will not be revealed in any soon.

Recently, many rumors have appeared through sources described as familiar with some documents and information that the game has been under development for several years, while some of them claimed that its development is nearing completion and Rockstar is preparing to reveal it soon.

Well-known journalist Jason Schreyer said through one of his reports that the game is still in the early stages of development and it is still too early to reveal it.

If the answer to this question remains unknown and without a clear official answer, and we have no choice but to wait for Rockstar, which is the only entity authorized to do so, according to Zelnik's statements, this may take a lot of time, especially as the company prepares to launch the new generation version of the GTA 5 game, which has been described as not Just an improved version, and the game is supposed to be released sometime after the middle of this year 2021.

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