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Sony is closing the PlayStation 3 digital store this summer

 Sony is closing the PlayStation 3 digital store this summer

Sony officially closes its PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 on July 2, with the store closed for the Vita on August 27.

Sony is closing the PlayStation 3 digital store this summer

The closures mean that you will no longer be able to purchase digital copies of the games or DLC for the PS3 and Vita.

Sony is also removing the remaining purchase functionality for PlayStation Portable (PSP) on July 2nd.

And you're still able to download and play previously purchased games, videos, and media content, but one thing that has changed, at least for now, is that you won't be able to purchase PlayStation 3, PS Vita, or PSP digital games and videos.

In-game purchases also stop after the stores are closed, but you will still be able to purchase co-purchase content after the closings, giving you access to PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PSP versions of games that come with co-purchase support.

News of the shutdowns originally surfaced last week, and many feared that the shutdown was preventing people from downloading games from their devices.

Obviously, the only thing that might change here is that you will not be able to purchase new games and digital content unless the games support cross-purchase.

Sony's PlayStation 3 was originally launched in November 2006, and more than 80 million units of the platform have been sold in total.

The Vita did not perform well, with more than 10 million units sold in total, but the PSP was a huge success with more than 80 million sold during the platform's 10-year life.

After the deadline, PSN wallet funds will not be refunded via PS3, PSP, or Vita after July 2 and August 27, respectively.

The company says: It made the decision in an effort to focus its resources on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms, enabling it to further enhance the customer experience.