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Sonos Announces Roam Portable Speaker

 Sonos Announces Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos has officially announced its latest smart speaker, the Sonos Roam, which is a portable, battery-powered amplifier priced at $ 170.

Sonos Announces Roam Portable Speaker

The Sonos Move was the company's first attempt at producing a portable speaker, but it was just too big and bulky.

However, the Roam is a smart portable speaker that can be taken anywhere and is also the smallest speaker the company has produced, as Sonos is looking to revolutionize the portable speaker market.

The woofer measures 6.61 x 2.44 x 2.36in and weighs 43g, and with dimensions like these, the question is whether Roam can live up to Sonos' established reputation for sound quality.

Roam delivers great sound, with AirPlay 2, auto switching wireless, bluetooth, Qi wireless charging, and up to 10 hours of battery life.

The Roam includes two H series amplifiers, a high end woofer, and a dedicated subwoofer, which ensure true mid-range operation and maximize the low output.

Sonos also brings automatic Trueplay to Roam, so it adjusts audio output for best results based on which room or environment the amplifier is in.

It does this by using built-in microphones, which are also present for Alexa voice commands and the Google Assistant hands-free.

And unlike the Sonos Move, which lets you choose between wireless and bluetooth modes, Roam takes advantage of both connections simultaneously.

And you can run something from your phone using Bluetooth via Roam and extend it over your entire Sonos multi-room system.

Apple AirPlay 2 is also supported, and as always, you can play audio from a large number of services through the Sonos mobile app.

Roam can last up to 10 hours of audio playback, and a USB-C charging cable comes in the box.

Sonos also sells a wireless charging stand that the Roam magnetically attaches to, but you can use any Qi wireless charger that fits the speaker if it fits.

And when the amplifier is not in use, Roam can last up to 10 days of standby time.

Roam has undergone numerous durability tests, as it contains silicone on both ends to help protect it when it falls.

It has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, so it can withstand submersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Besides support for Google Assistant, Alexa and AirPlay 2, the speaker includes a new feature called Sound Swap, which allows you to transmit audio from any other Sonos speaker by pressing for three seconds the Roam play button.