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Reports reveal the truth about Vinaldum signing for Barcelona

 Reports reveal the truth about Vinaldum signing for Barcelona

"RAK 1" Catalan radio saw the fact that the new Barcelona club president, Joan Laporta, signed the first football team midfielder for Liverpool, Jorginho Wijnaldum.

Reports reveal the truth about Vinaldum signing for Barcelona

The British newspaper "Sunday Times" claimed this morning, Sunday, that Laporta had reached an agreement with Vinaldum and the two parties signed a preliminary contract to move the Dutchman to Barcelona at the beginning of next season.

Vinaldom's contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the current season, and the player does not want to renew with the English club due to their insufficient appreciation of what he has provided to the team over the past years financially.

According to the Catalan radio "RAK1", Barcelona denied the report published by the "Sunday Times" that they had obtained Vinaldum's signature and that an agreement had been reached with Laporta.

 Barcelona gets to sign his second summer deal from Liverpool

British newspaper "Sunday Times" exploded a surprise regarding Barcelona's deals during the upcoming summer Mercato under the leadership of the new president, Joan Laporta, to support the first football team.

The names of many players have been linked with the possibility of moving to Barcelona in order to return to the right track according to the vision of the coach, Ronald Koeman.

According to the famous newspaper, Joan Laporta signed an initial contract with the midfielder of the first football team of Liverpool, Jorginho Wijnaldum, after the Dutch coach insisted on that deal.

"The Times" confirmed that the Vinaldum deal had ended in Barcelona's favor, especially since the player had expired his contract with Liverpool and had not yet renewed it, and that he would arrive at the Camp Nou castle after the end of the season for free.

Wijnaldum has been one of the main pillars in the formation of Liverpool's coach, Jurgen Klopp, over the past years, and has so far played 40 matches in all competitions and scored three goals.

Wijnaldum does not think about renewing for Liverpool because he does not feel sufficiently appreciated for everything he gave to the English club, as he receives 4.5 million euros in annual salary, an amount that he does not like and is ranked 14th among his colleagues at Anfield.

The Winaldom deal is not the first to be decided by Barcelona, ​​as he has already concluded his agreement with the defender of the first football team of Manchester City, Eric Garcia, whose contract expires at the end of the current season.