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PowerPoint enhances your presentation skills


 PowerPoint enhances your presentation skills

Microsoft has announced that the PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature - which helps you practice presentations - is now available across all platforms.

The PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature was first introduced in PowerPoint for the web version, and both students and professionals have used it to become more confident presenters.

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You can now use this feature across all platforms, including the web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, whenever and wherever you need it, on the go, or at home.

Presenter Coach leverages artificial intelligence to help anyone. Presentation skills are more important than ever, especially in this hybrid work and learning environment, with more meetings and presentations than ever before.

Presenter Coach listens to you as you practice your presentation aloud and analyzes what you're saying, and can warn you if you speak too fast or slow or use filler words, along with poor grammar, and use of sensitive phrases.

Presenter Coach users receive at the end of each exercise a summary report highlighting the main parts of the feedback to help them become better and more confident presenters.

In addition to expanding Presenter Coach's availability, the company is also expanding the comment types that this feature provides.

The company announced three new ways the feature can try to improve your presentations, including body language, repetitive language, and pronunciation.