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PalmOS devices get Twitter app

 PalmOS devices get Twitter app

PalmOS devices may look very old now, but PalmPilot and Handspring Visor had one major advantage over modern smartphones, as they did not have the Twitter app.

PalmOS devices get Twitter app

Developer (Jorge Cohen) came up with a solution that brings Twitter to the Handspring Visor through the PalmOS Twitter app that brings scrolling to these 24-year-old devices.

The original PalmPilot was released by US Robotics in March 1997, nine years before Twitter revolutionized how opinions are shared online.

The Handspring Visor family appeared before social media connected the world and even before cellular or wireless communications were a standard feature.

And while modems were available as a hardware option to plug into the device's expansion slot, they were designed for an offline world.

PalmPilot and other PDAs that have followed in its footsteps, including the Handspring Visor, were designed primarily as productivity tools.

These devices made schedules and email available while you were away from the computer, even before BlackBerry reached the scene.

Devices such as PalmPilot and Handspring Visor do not have the wireless or embedded 5G network.

It can send and receive emails, calendar updates, and other information when physically linked to the docking station and synced to a computer.

Cohen's PalmOS Twitter app comes decades after most of us threw our PalmOS devices in a drawer to be forgotten.

As Cohen later explained, PalmOS Twitter currently lacks the ability to like Tweets, or even the ability to post new Tweets.

It also works very differently from modern Twitter apps, which can be constantly updated to get the latest updates instantly.