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Oil billionaire, one bitcoin is worth millions of dollars

 Oil billionaire, one bitcoin is worth millions of dollars, no way, it's the future

Norwegian oil billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke said he is currently focusing his attention on Bitcoin and has confirmed his support for BTC.

Oil billionaire, one bitcoin is worth millions of dollars

Rocky believes that Bitcoin could be the best way to protect the financial sector and central banks from turmoil.

Aker ASA, a Oslo listed company, has created a new company dedicated to investing in Bitcoin ventures and businesses.

The Holding said its new venture, Seetee AS, will keep all of its liquid Bitcoin investment assets and will also enter the Bitcoin mining industry.

Kjell Inge Roekke, a Norwegian billionaire and majority owner in Aker, the second richest person in Norway, with an estimated net worth of $ 5.4 billion, wrote to contributors in a letter:
Bitcoin may continue to go to zero.

But it could also become the core of a new monetary structure

  It is not unreasonable that a single Bitcoin could one day be "worth millions of dollars".

“People who know more about Bitcoin think its future success is almost inevitable,” said Rokke.

Billionaire Mark Copan said earlier, one of the largest recent refusal to recently encrypted currency that Petquin and Eatrium were working on empowerment, but "died."

Mark Copan, who has become enriched currents, said in his dialogue with Peter Shiv that gold will "as a value for value.

"Gold died, I died ahead."

According to US media, quoting Sources at Golden Man Sachs, the US Bank of Goldman Sachs Group Inc has recovered its encrypted currency trading office.

As part of this work, Goldman also explores the possibility of establishing a trading box on the PetCo Stock Exchange, and has issued a request for information to explore digital assets.

Last month, TESLA INC was bought 1.5 billion dollars.

While New York Mellon Corp. said he had a new unit to help customers keep digital assets.

He stands in configuring during that moments near the levels of $ 51,000, with about 1.5% to $ 51.9 thousand, while market value was about $ 950 billion.