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Mohamed Salah looks pale ... and his body language shows how frustrated he is

 Former Liverpool defender: Mohamed Salah looks pale ... and his body language shows how frustrated he is

The former Liverpool defender, John Arne Riza, sees the striker of the first football team, Mohamed Salah, tired and pale, and his body language does not indicate that he is fully prepared for matches.

Former Liverpool defender: Mohamed Salah looks pale ... and his body language shows how frustrated he is

During the past few days, the European press raised controversy about the future of Mohamed Salah with Liverpool, especially after the crisis of his replacement in the English Premier League match between Chelsea by coach Juergen Klopp.

Riza spoke about his point of view in an interview on the British "RadioTimes" portal, and said: "What the players do not realize is that the fans always look at the body language and behavior of the players in the matches."

He continued:
 "People can try to read the players' reactions and their positions, such as that he does not care about the team or does not try his best to win, and some interpret the matter that the player wants to leave, like what happens with, Mohamed Salah."

He added:
 "Mohamed Salah looks very tired and pale, and people also feel that through his performance in recent matches through his body language, which confirms that something is not right."

And he continued:
"As a coach now in Norway, if I see a player who does not move optimally and his body language shows how bad he is, it will make me think very well that you do not like me and want to leave the team."

And continued:
"I think Mohamed Salah is frustrated because he is not performing as he wants, he does not score as many goals as he wants. I think that is the reason for his current condition."

And about the defeat against Fulham: "Liverpool still enjoys the presence of great players such as Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino and these are enough to win against the teams who are struggling to relegate, but they lack confidence, and this is a result of mental and physical exhaustion after the great effort they made in the last 3 years and not They have no rest between the current season and the last season. "

And continue:
"They won the English Premier League in the last world and did not celebrate it with the fans, but this is not a justification for defeat against teams like Fulham, away from the injuries that hit the team, which force the coach to change many players in the starting lineup."

And he concluded his statements:
 "Liverpool misses more than one important player who was relied on in the last period in the manner followed by the coach, Jurgen Klopp."