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MicroStrategy is buying Bitcoin for $ 15 million


In another purchase: "MicroStrategy" is buying Bitcoin for $ 15 million

Nasdaq-listed MicroStrategy continues its bitcoin investment strategy by purchasing another 262 bitcoins worth $ 15 million.

MicroStrategy is buying Bitcoin for $ 15 million

Mr. Michael Saylor fulfilled his promise to allocate additional funds to buy more Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy announced Friday that it has added 262 Bitcoins to its large pool of over 91,000 Bitcoins.

The announcement of the news of buying more bitcoin was announced by “Saylor,” the founder and CEO of the company, who told on Friday about the new purchase on the Twitter platform.

 A few weeks after the last bitcoin purchase of $ 10 million by the same company, "Micro Strategy", it appears that this time the company decided to raise the level of purchase by allocating $ 15 million.

MicroStrategy's recent purchase of bitcoin was at an average price of 57146 per bitcoin.

The number of Bitcoin in accumulation by the company increased to 91,326 Bitcoin, which has an estimated average purchase price of $ 24,214.

In other words, MicroStrategy has committed $ 2.2 billion of its own money into Bitcoin since its first purchase in August 2020.

This means that this amount invested by the company has increased after the Bitcoin price rose to its current levels, so that the value of Micro Strategy's investments in Bitcoin reached a value of more than $ 5 billion.

Regardless of taking every opportunity to buy more bitcoin, Saylor and his company found additional ways to promote the underlying cryptocurrency.

Micro-strategy became a complete node on the Bitcoin network last year and made the cryptocurrency a reserve asset for the primary treasury shortly after.

Micro Strategy did not stop there, but rather held several seminars in February of this year and hosted thousands of executives to educate them about the potential benefits of investing in Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy also launched a similar initiative targeting retail investors. This initiative is called “Bitcoin for All,” which is an educational course available for free on the Saylor Academy platform.