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Mascherano explains why he left Liverpool and moved to Barcelona


 Mascherano explains why he left Liverpool and moved to Barcelona

Newly retired Argentina midfielder, Javier Mascherano, explained why he made the decision to leave Liverpool in 2010 and move to Barcelona.

Mascherano joined Barcelona from Liverpool 11 years ago for 25 million pounds, and was one of the most prominent players in the Catalan giants before his departure to the Chinese League in 2018.

Mascherano explains why he left Liverpool and moved to Barcelona

And the Argentine spoke about the reason in statements to the British magazine "FourFourTwo", and said: "Liverpool fans were not happy with me at all, and I completely understand the reason behind this in my recent period with the club."

He continued: "On the other hand, the administration had promised me something and had not fulfilled its promise. There was an agreement between us that if Liverpool received a good offer for me, it would allow me to leave. We talked about extending my contract, but they were not serious about it."

He added: "In the pre-season period after the departure of Benitez, Roy Hudson arrived, we had a meeting with the managing director, Christian Borslow, who told me that I could leave if he came up with a good offer, and when that happened, Liverpool did not care about him."

He continued his remarks: “I was very angry because they did not fulfill their promises, so I refused another offer to move to Manchester City to show my discomfort with the management, and informed them that I wanted to leave for family reasons, but I was upset because of my way, but there was no other option or else it would not Liverpool keep his promise. "

On Benitez: "He had a great role in developing my technical and physical level with Liverpool, which I consider myself to be one of his fans."

He concluded: "No fans did not treat me like Liverpool fans did. They made me feel as if I was one of them. This is the reason behind dedicating the Champions League (2011) title to Manchester United to them. This was the least thing I could do to return the favor."