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Liverpool legend attacks Mohamed Salah

 Liverpool legend attacks Mohamed Salah: You have to be careful in talking to the Spanish press

Liverpool legend John Aldridge attacked the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah due to his frequent statements to the Spanish media, especially those related to his future in the English team.

Liverpool legend attacks Mohamed Salah

And Mohamed Salah held an interview with the Spanish newspaper "Marca" yesterday evening, during which he talked about facing Real Madrid in the European Champions League.

Salah also touched on his future in Liverpool, as he refused to rule out his departure to the Spanish League

John Aldridge said in an article on the English "Liverpool Echo" network: "Mohamed Salah must be a little careful in speaking to the Spanish press, before facing Real Madrid in the Champions League next week."

 He added: "I played in Spain with Real Sociedad for two years. I know exactly how the media work there. The Marca newspaper that Salah spoke to is a supporter of Real Madrid as you know."

He continued: "It is like a comic story, they are always looking for new stories about the club, they are looking for news, so they will be very happy to talk to the biggest player in Liverpool about Real Madrid."

He continued: "To be honest, I am a little surprised that Mo allowed himself to open up in his speech. There is talk about an interest in playing in Spain one day, and how it is not up to him if he will stay in Liverpool after the four years he spent here."

And he continued: "Maybe some of Salah's statements were taken out of context, or it happened during translation, but the timing is not great, because next week's Champions League match is a match they want to win, it is an important timing."

And he added: "There are talk and speculation at the moment, of course, but Liverpool is not an easy club and knows very well how the agents of the major players work. It is possible to return to what happened with Raheem Sterling upon his departure from Liverpool to Manchester City."

He explained, "His agent helped him at that time in the process of his departure. You know how agents work when there are huge financial deals."

And he continued: "If Mohamed Salah wants to stay in Liverpool, he will do so, but if he wants to leave, there will be a price for that. Can Real Madrid afford to pay 150 or 200 million pounds to buy Mohamed Salah now ?, At the moment, he has ruled that out."

"So everything is hypothetical at this moment in my opinion anyway, so I think these guesses are nonsense," he concluded.