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Liverpool is reassured about Mohamed Salah's future ... and there are no worries about Klopp

 Liverpool is reassured about Mohamed Salah's future ... and there are no worries about Klopp

The famous Italian journalist, Fabrizio Romano, revealed that Liverpool FC does not feel any concern about the star Mohamed Salah's future or the coach Juergen Klopp.

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Mohamed Salah's current contract with Liverpool will end in 2023.
Mohamed Salah raised speculation about his future in Liverpool after his interview with the Spanish newspaper "AS" last December.

The Egyptian player opened the door to leave Liverpool, after hinting that he could move to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Since then, Salah has been linked with the possibility of leaving Anfield, in search of a new experience with another club.

But journalist Fabrizio Romano indicated that Liverpool is convinced of the idea of ​​keeping Mohamed Salah in the team.

 He explained that Liverpool will soon have to start negotiations with Mohamed Salah about renewing his contract, stressing that there is no problem between the two parties.

On the other hand, speculation about the future of Jurgen Klopp is hovering in Liverpool after he was linked with the possibility of training the German national team to succeed Joachim Loew, who intends to leave by the end of the Euro championship next summer.

Although Klopp denied this and confirmed that he intends to continue with Liverpool until the end of his contract in 2024, the speculation has not stopped.
 On this, Fabrizio Romano said on the same website that the Liverpool administration is planning the transfer market with Klopp, and is not afraid of his association with Germany.

He stated that there are no contacts to date between German national team officials and Klopp, and it has not yet gone beyond the stage of wanting to make him the successor to Love.

Liverpool has not contacted Joachim Löw to succeed Klopp

Sky Sports revealed that Liverpool is interested in contracting with the current German coach, Joachim Löw, to succeed his compatriot, Juergen Klopp, in the event of his departure from Anfield.

Klopp's name was linked to leaving Liverpool in the last period, due to the shaky results in the English Premier League, in conjunction with Loew's announcement of his departure after the 2020 European Nations Cup next summer.

The famous Sky Sports correspondent, Fabrizio Romano, commented on the matter and said: "Klopp's departure from Liverpool is unexpected and far from what is said."

And he continued: "Liverpool is not thinking about leaving Klopp and is not worried about leaving him, there are no negotiations with Luv by the club, and therefore, everything that is reported is incorrect."

It is worth noting that Loew, according to German reports, is learning Spanish, and from here the press linked him to the possibility of training Barcelona or Real Madrid next season.