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Liverpool coach: Jota on the same level of Salah and Mane and Firmino

 Liverpool coach: Jota on the same level as Salah and Mane and Firmino .. and has an immortal offensive instinct

The assistant coach for the first team of Liverpool, Pep Linders, revealed that there is an attack on an attack on the attacker and wing, 

Diogo Jota

, and it is really difficult to teach for any striker.

Liverpool coach: Juta on the same level of Salah and Mani and Firmineo

Jota moved to Liverpool the last summer Mercato from Wolverhampton, and Portuguese proved its worth of participation with the technical director, Juergen Club, where 10 goals have been recorded in 21 games.

Linders talked about the reason for Judea rapidly accounted for Liverpool in statements for his official club and said: "I think the fungal Diego talent helped him in Anfield."

He added: "Gauta at the same level as Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mani and Roberto Fermino art, I said this before and the whole world can see him."

"The speed and making decisive decisions timely two distinct and a murderer mix for any striker," he said.

"Gauta is aware that it is not concerned, and it is not about how to harmonize the three attackers who play matches just like Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Fermino, Chamberlain, Shakiri and Oriji," he said.

"It's how to adapt to the pressure method because it is not easy and with getting used to becoming normal, and this is what Juta has done was to adapt to those who play in Liverpool's attack because he has wonderful technical possibilities in mind."

"Jota has the skill of concentration within the box, located in the right place in time and this indicates an intuition in the face of the competitor's goal, this is the natural instinct of an attacker and this is difficult as a coach to learn it to players and as a player like Diego."