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Klopp: We make comedic mistakes ... and Liverpool's qualification for the Champions League is "almost impossible!"

 Klopp: We make comedic mistakes ... and Liverpool's qualification for the Champions League is "almost impossible!"

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp described the mistakes his team made as slapstick, in light of the decline in the performance of the English Premier League title holders this season.

This season, Liverpool has been excluded from the England Cup and the English Professional League Cup, and is ranked sixth with 46 points, after faltering in 16 Premier League matches, where it was defeated in 9 meetings and tied on 7 occasions.

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Liverpool is moving away from the qualifying position for the Champions League by two places, and although there is a big difference between it and Chelsea, who has 51 points, but Juergen does not believe that his team is able to finish the season between the big four and qualify for the Champions League next season.

Klopp said in statements during his interview with the German newspaper "Sport Bild": "Qualifying for the Champions League is important for the entire club, and especially for us as a team. The way we played this season was bad."

He added: "We are still a bad team. Many times we do not finish what we do successfully, and this is what makes the difference in football."

He admitted: "The opponent usually does not need many chances against us because we make big mistakes, crazy mistakes that can be described as slapstick."

He added, "We are already creating a lot of opportunities. We are the second most team behind Manchester City, but we are far from them in the goals scored this season, and this is our problem this season."

And he continued: "I like to be optimistic, but being in the Champions League next season through our position in the league is almost impossible. There are Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United. For me, qualifying for the Champions League through the league will be difficult."

And he added: "It may not be a bad thing even if Liverpool fails to qualify even for the European League!" 

He continued: "We will be the first to fight for our goals, maybe next year, we will not be in the European Champions League and perhaps the European League, and if we do not participate in any continental tournament at all."

He concluded his remarks, saying: "If we do not qualify, then this means more time to relax, that will be bad for all other teams, because training is good for us, if we have more time, we can benefit from it, we will try to turn a bad situation into something good."