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Jota: My goal against Wolverhampton means a lot to me

 Jota: My goal against Wolverhampton means a lot to me .. I wish Patricio a speedy recovery

Liverpool striker Diego Jota commented on their victory last night against Wolverhampton in the English Premier League.

Liverpool won with a goal without response in the twenty-eighth round, at Moulinho Stadium.

Jota: My goal against Wolverhampton means a lot to me

And Jota managed to score the winning goal for Liverpool in the last moments of the first half.

"We were in a bad condition, so we needed to change this. Today was a good match and we did our job," Gota said in statements published by the BBC.

He added, "It's a special match. I played with Wolverhampton for three years. I know almost everyone in the dressing room. I hope the fans are here to make it more special."

He continued: "The goal means a lot to me, it helped the team I'm playing for now, it was really important today."

He continued: "The international break did not come at a good moment. We scored two victories and two clean sheets. We could have built some momentum and consistency."

He continued: "It was really important for me to score as a striker. I always wanted to participate in goals. I had the chances that I did not take advantage of in the Champions League, it feels good to be back in scoring."

And he added: "If we continue playing the way we played against Wolverhampton, I think we have a chance to finish the season in the top four."

Guetta sent a message to Wolverhampton goalkeeper Roy Patricio after he suffered a serious head injury, after hitting his colleague Connor Cody's knee.

"I wish Patricio safety, I hope it is not too dangerous, I wish him a speedy recovery, life is more important," Guetta said.

 Liverpool winning goal against Wolverhampton