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Is Roblox Safe for Children?


 Is Roblox Safe for Children?

When Roblox hit the headlines in the major media, most opinions about the game were negative, with some adults trying to win over children in 2017. In 2018, a seven-year-old was attacked by two hackers and offered Pornographic images.

Is Roblox Safe for Children?

The following month, The Sun published an investigation alleging that the Roblox game was a haven for jihadists, Nazi leaders and members of the Ku Klux Klan. The company says it strives to punish violators and fix any loopholes in its platform.

"If things go wrong, we're not going to take a defensive stand, but we'll fix the mistakes and make sure they don't happen again," says Laura Higgins, a British child safety professional who was appointed by ROBLOX in January 2019 as director of digital convenience. Laura's mission is to take advantage of these problems and prevent activities that could harm the young players.

“We are really putting child safety at the top of our list of priorities,” says Laura. We admit that we have very young players, so we must be aware of their safety as much as possible. Undoubtedly, if people have bad intentions towards children, they will be drawn to the whereabouts of these children. We are constantly reviewing the tools we have and looking for ways to improve them. ”

How can parents supervise Roblox?

Roblox has taken another action, which is to launch a new section on its website called For Parents, which explains security tools, which include algorithms that block passwords, names and addresses in text chats and the inappropriate content reporting system. There is also an algorithm that detects if the players' avatars are wearing the appropriate clothes or not.

Laura Higgins admits that parents can be extremely frustrated when terrifying stories about child safety circulate on Roblox. "It's very difficult," says Laura. When things go wrong, the insult is often the presence of attempts by some to sabotage our systems.

Laura is also keen to ensure that parents also see the positive side of the games that children create on the Roblox platform, citing a game created by a teenager whose father recently passed away.

"He developed a game about managing the mental health of other young people with such conditions," says Laura. "It was great for this young man, but it also helped many young people who enjoyed the game and were able to recognize their feelings and direct them in the right direction," says Laura.

"I definitely love the developer community as a whole," says developer Abby Lee. "We are close to each other and we mutual support and help, whether by providing comments on games or providing assistance with personal matters.

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