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How to Improve Speed Download Games in Xbox Series X and Xbox One


 How to Improve Speed Download Games in Xbox Series X and Xbox One

(Xbox Series X) or (Xbox Series S) or (Xbox Series S) while downloading applications and games improve the download speed dramatically, but this mode requires stopping the device temporarily, for this Microsoft is currently working on an advantage New (Suspended My game) Suspend My Game will allow players to improve the download speed while the games are still running.

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 What is the feature and how do you work?

According to the engineering team manager in XBOX, the activation of this feature will turn off the bandwidth that you are temporarily using your games and allows the downloads at maximum speed instead, and then you can resume play at any time if you decide you prefer to play and leave the downloads work in the background.

The Xbox Series X (XBOX Series S) or (Xbox Series S) can use the Quick Resume feature to download the game from the place where you stop and easily, and the feature is currently available for Xbox Insider XBOX X and Xbox Series (Xbox Series) S) and (Xbox One) willing to put them for everyone in the coming weeks.

How to use the feature to improve gaming download speed in XBOX devices

If you are part of the Xbox Insider Hub, you can experience the feature early following the following steps:

  • Press the Xbox button in the control to open the main menu.
  • In the menu that appears to you, press Option (My and My Application) My Games & Apps.
  • Press Option (See All) See All, and choose Manage Manage
  • Click the Queue (queue) option.
  • On the queue management page that appears to you, press Option (Suspended My Game) option to increase download speeds in the games automatically.
  • When the downloads are finished, you can resume play from the point where previously stopped.

Microsoft has started to add new features to the next generation games to improve performance, with the last period and within the monthly update for March by adding the FPS Boost to increase frame rates for games compatible with earlier versions, in addition to fixing the console separation errors It was a problem that drew players, so for these updates make sure to update the gaming device regularly.