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Celtic legend: Gerrard coaching for Liverpool? It's still early

 Celtic legend: Gerrard coaching for Liverpool? It's still early

Celtic legend Charlie Nicholas thinks it is still too early for Steven Gerrard to train Liverpool.

Gerrard is showing very impressive results with the Rangers, leading him to the recent Scottish League title.

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And Gerrard was linked with the possibility of returning to his old club, Liverpool, to coach the team, succeeding Jurgen Klopp if he was dismissed from the services of the latter.

"Steven Gerrard has done an excellent job at Rangers," Charlie Nicholas said in statements published in the English newspaper "The Sun".

He added: "Everyone believes that Gerrard is guaranteed to have the Liverpool manager's job at some point in the near future."

He continued: "I still feel that it is too early for Gerrard to move to Liverpool, however I would like to make him go south and not perform well for them (Rangers)."

Celtic are the Rangers' traditional rivals in the Scottish League.

He continued, "The Rangers have been struggling financially recently, but they were able to support Steven Gerrard financially."

He concluded: "Gerrard now has players of great value that can be capitalized on by selling them. He has made every player better, just as Brendan Rodgers did when he went to Celtic."