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Facebook is preparing to launch its newsletter product

 Facebook is preparing to launch its newsletter product

Facebook is rolling out a new publishing platform in the coming months in the United States that allows freelance writers and journalists to reach new audiences and monetize their businesses through email newsletters and individual websites.

Facebook will soon begin testing partnerships with a small group of freelance writers for its new free-to-use publishing platform, which includes tools for journalists to build actual websites in addition to newsletters.

Facebook is preparing to launch its newsletter product

The integration of pages for writers, journalists, and other types of professional experts allow posting of content outside of text, such as: live videos and story updates.

Facebook wants to allow writers to create groups for their products through its platform while providing writers with metrics on how the content is performing.

More recently, more writers and journalists are joining email newsletters in favor of editorial freedom, which also allows them to steer clear of advertising-based business models, which have been in decline.

Competition is intensifying for space between companies such as Substack, Medium, and Revue, newly acquired by Twitter, which allow content makers to experiment with a mix of free and paid newsletters via email to reach potential readers.

The company said: The new Facebook platform, which allows writers to generate income through subscriptions, is integrated with Facebook pages, adding that it also allows writers to create groups to interact with the readership community.

The world's largest social network last month pledged to invest at least $ 1 billion in the news industry over the next three years after a standoff with the Australian government over paying news outlets for content.

About four years ago, Facebook began investing in incubator programs, products and events geared toward helping news companies, especially at the local level, build sustainable revenue streams.

It has also created a separate feature called the News tab as a dedicated news space across its platform, as it has paid for partnerships with several existing news companies.

The pandemic has prompted many prominent journalists to leave news companies to launch their newsletters or websites, and technology companies are now entering this direction.