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Everything you need to know about the new features in Google Lens


 Everything you need to know about the new features in Google Lens

Google has introduced many improvements in the interface of the Android operating system, and due to these improvements, the Google Lens application is now more prominent and integrated with the Google Photos application, where you can now use the application to analyze images and learn a lot of information about them. Especially the photos that you save to the Google Photos app.

Everything you need to know about the new features in Google Lens

What are the details?

You can use the (Google Lens) application now like a search engine to extract the relevant information stored in your account in the Google Photos application, as the new tool enhances the information that can be obtained from viewing a single item in the Google Photos application after clicking on the Google Lens application icon and scrolling Down and expand the information window that appears.

In the improved interface, you will find a new section called Search inside this photo that will only appear on the screen if Google's algorithms analyze the image, as this can work well in several scenarios. For example: If the image contains text, Google Lens will highlight it in blue, and after the user presses the highlighted text, a pop-up window will appear for you with the option to copy to another application, translate it, or listen to it aloud, or search.

It is worth noting that Google has improved the interface of the Android operating system to make the features of the Google Lens application more easy to operate through the useful icons that you will find at the bottom of the Google Photos application.

In addition, the application is a great tool that you can use in optical character recognition (OCR) across a variety of the best smartphones running the Android operating system, where the improved interface in the Android operating system is another step in Google's attempt to expand the advantages of the application after combining it between Camera and search features.

So that we find that tweaking the application will make it more important, as users can now know that the application will analyze the images directly while browsing them in the application (Google Photos), noting that these features are available in version No. 5.33 of the application.

You can download the app now for free for Android users from Google Play, and for iPhone and iPad users from the App Store.