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Egypt officially qualifies for the nations of Africa

 The Pharaohs qualify for the 2021 African Nations Cup officially after a draw with Kenya on Thursday, positively with a goal to the same at Molly International Stadium.

And the Egyptian national team was a guest to Kenya for their match in the fifth round of qualifying for Group G.

Mohamed Magdy "Afsha" opened the goals of the match with a powerful shot in the second minute.

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Abdullah Hassan realized in the 65th minute with a creeping shot from inside the penalty area.

The balance of the Egyptian national team, thanks to that tie, reached nine points, leading them in Group A, on goal difference, from their pursuit of Comoros.

The two teams have already formally qualified for the tournament that will be held next January in Cameroon, and are competing for the lead in the final round, head-to-head in the match that will be held in Cairo.

While the Kenya national team reached four points, it occupies third place.

Togo occupies fourth place with only two points.

And that became the 25th qualification in the history of the Pharaohs to the African Nations Cup.

Egypt is the national team that dominates the title after being crowned it seven times before in a record number in 1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, and 2010.

The Egyptian national team won second place in the African Nations twice, in 1962 and 2017.

While it won third place three times in 1963, 1970 and 1974.

The Egyptian national team ranked fourth three times, in 1976, 1980, and 1984.

Goals match Egypt and Kenya

Egypt's goal in front of Kenya

The match began in the best possible way after he received the ball inside the penalty area and fired a powerful shot with his right hand that landed in the net to announce the progress of the Pharaohs.

But that goal, contrary to what was expected, was the beginning of the decline of the Egyptian team without justification.

Olonga fired a creeping shot, which was blocked by Mohamed El Shennawy.

The Kenya national team won a corner kick from the left side, which was shot directly at the goal, around which El-Shenawi took a corner kick from the right side, which passed without danger.

Olonga almost scored after Mahmoud Hamdi "won", but his shot went off the field.

And the Kenyan player sent a direct throw-in into the penalty area, but El-Shennawi tackled the owners' header twice.

The Egyptian national team asked for a penalty kick for blocking Mahmoud Hassan "Trezeguet", but the referee awarded a corner kick that did not pose a threat to Kenya.

Ajay Akumu fired a powerful shot, which El-Shenawi saved twice.

Al-Winch almost scored another throw-in against the Egyptian national team by mistake, but the ball went to a corner kick, which was executed directly on the goal, and El-Shennawi tackled it.

In the 41st minute, Kenya scored a goal through Masoud Jumaa, but the referee canceled it due to the presence of a handball on the Kenyan player before the ball was hit.

Kenya's goal against Egypt

The second half began with a Kenyan attack, and Al-Shennawi blocked a shot from Masoud Jumaa, and it rebounded to Olonga, who hit again, but his ball hit the net from the outside.

And Salah sent a distinctive longitudinal line to Mustafa Muhammad, who could not dodge the goalkeeper, and the ball rebounded from him and found it Afsha, who preferred passing rather than shooting, but Salah's shot went outside the stadium.

Abdullah Hassan almost equalized with a powerful header in the 60th minute, but his shot went off the field.

The Egyptian national team made two substitutions in the 62nd minute, with the participation of Mohamed Sharif and Amr Al-Soulia, instead of Tarek Hamed and Trezeguet.

In the 63rd minute, and from confusion inside the penalty area, Abdullah Hassan took advantage and hit the ball to equalize for Kenya.

The Egyptian national team made an emergency substitution with the participation of Omar Jaber, instead of Hamdi Fathy, who was injured.

Olonga almost scored the second goal, but the Egyptian defense team dispersed the ball successfully in the end.

Gaston Ottino was sent off directly after hitting Mustafa Mohamed without a ball in the 76th minute.

The match calmed down a little after the expulsion and the Egyptian national team dominated the ball, but the game was confined to the midfield.

The Egyptian national team made two new substitutions with the participation of Hossam Hassan and Mohamed Farouk, instead of Afsha and Mustafa Mohamed.

The referee counted three minutes instead of the lost time, which did not happen to them again, to end the match in a positive draw with a goal for the same, and the announcement of Egypt officially qualifying for the nations of Africa.