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BMW reveals the exterior of the i4 electric car


 BMW reveals the exterior of the i4 electric car

BMW has unveiled the exterior appearance of its first electric sedan, the i4, after years of thrills for the upcoming car as the successor to the i3 electric car.

The i4 is set to hit the road by the end of the year - ahead of schedule, the company says - and BMW said it is also introducing the M Performance model.

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The German car maker showed the i4 at an annual company conference before announcing full details of the electric car in the coming weeks.

BMW did not share at the present time only some specifications, as the BMW i4 can accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers in an hour in about 4 seconds.

The company said: The i4 will be available in different versions covering ranges of 590 km with power of about 390 kW (about 530 hp) from a single engine.

This is largely in line with what BMW described in detail in the i4 demo, which appeared over the past year at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show digital only.

And if the i4 is produced in line with the concept version, it is expected to be powered by an 80 kW battery.

As for the interior, it is known to use the new version of iDrive and the BMW infotainment system that was unveiled earlier this week.

BMW has further detailed its plan to convert its cars to electric motors.

The company said: It expects to sell at least one electric vehicle in 90 percent of the markets it enters by 2023 and deliver 2 million electric vehicles by the end of 2025.

It expects the number of electric vehicles it sells to grow by about 20 percent annually between 2025 and 2030, and the company says at this point: It expects that half of the new cars it sells will be fully electric.

This is far more optimistic in terms of the popularity of electric cars compared to what BMW previously offered, especially as it spent years with the i3 as the only fully electric car on the market.

The i4 is supposed to be the flagship vehicle in the company's renewed push towards electric cars, even though BMW has released the iX3 SUV in Europe and China.

However, it is still a less aggressive strategy than other automakers are taking, especially in the face of an increasing number of proposed bans on new fuel vehicles.