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All you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

 All you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung launched the third generation of its smart watches (Galaxy Watch 3) Galaxy Watch 3 - which is considered one of the best smart watches so far - during the month of November only, and although only 4 months have passed, many rumors have appeared that It already indicates that the company has started developing its next generation with some major changes and improvements to compete more with the Apple smartwatch.

All you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Although there is no confirmation yet whether the new model will have the name (Galaxy Watch 4) or (Watch Active 3), or a completely new name, but what is certain is that this new model will work with the (Wear OS) operating system instead of the operating system. (Tizen) Samsung.

Where this shift can have a significant impact on support for applications and integration with other smartphones running the Android operating system, in addition to that, it is expected that the new model of the smart watch will come with a blood glucose monitoring feature like the upcoming Apple Watch (Watch Series 7). 

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:

the design:

Many expectations indicate that the Galaxy Watch 4 will not witness a major change in terms of design, as it is expected to retain the same design that the previous model came to, such as: the stainless steel case, and a circular screen of the type Super AMOLED with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels Protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass DX, and the company may launch three models, one of which is smaller instead of two as in the previous series.


So far, details are still not available about the specifications of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4, but nevertheless, the support for the feature of monitoring blood glucose is one of the strongest rumors that began to spread strongly from sources close to the company.

Given this feature, which was a distant dream in smart watches, but it may actually come true this year, as a source mentioned that Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology has devised a technology called (Raman Spectroscopy) that uses lasers to track glucose levels in support with enough accuracy that you do not need To prick your finger anymore.

In addition, the company's shift to using the operating system (Waer OS) could be the logical matter to solve the problem of not supporting third-party applications that accompanied the operating system (Tizen), as with the new operating system, the Galaxy Watch 4 can run the best third-party applications , Support for the electronic payment application (Google Pay) and better integration with other smartphones running the Android operating system instead of only Samsung phones.

Launch date:

It is not known yet whether Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch 4 early this year, given that the previous generation has less than 4 months since its appearance, or whether it will launch a new model from the Active Watch that it launched 18 months ago.

But the company is expected to unveil its new watch sometime this summer, with the new model of its foldable phone (Galaxy Z Fold 3), so August or September of this year 2021 may seem like a reasonable date, given that previous models It was launched at exactly this time.


 We find that the price of the previous model was very high, as it seems that the company was relying heavily on the strong specifications that the phone contains, such as: the steel or titanium body, the luxurious leather strap, the rotating frame, and many health tracking sensors to justify this price.

So if the company keeps the same features in the Galaxy Watch 4 with the addition of the blood glucose monitoring feature and some other features, it is expected that it will come at a very high price compared to the competing watches, then Samsung is not expected to give much to an initial price of less than 499. Dollars.