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The 7 best YouTube channel that makes you sleep and away from reality

The 7 best YouTube channel that makes you sleep and away from reality

7 YouTube channels that cause hypnosis to relax you and get away from reality for a while

If you live on Planet Earth, you might be in some circumstances nervous for some reason. This is why it is good to detach a bit from reality, at least for a few minutes or hours, and try to relax and clear your mind.

The 7 best YouTube channel that makes you sleep and away from reality

If you can't leave the house, you can always take advantage of the internet. YouTube in particular can provide you with a window in which you can look at something different to get out of the routine, get rid of boredom, exercise, or relax a little while you are at home.

Here is a list of YouTube channels that broadcast videos where no one is usually talking.Some of them may sound strange, but for some they hypnosis enough to relax.

The 7 best YouTube channel that makes you sleep and away from reality

1- RailCowGirl

That was a recommendation from Owen Williams on YouTube and an inspiration to put together this list. It is simply a channel that shows live broadcasts and recordings of a train traveling along the lines of Norway. nothing else. The view in first person and the scenery is beautiful and relaxing, and it is very easy to turn off the brain and look at the horizon for a few minutes there.

2- RailCam Netherlands

 It's simply a channel for live cameras showing a junction in Helmond, Netherlands. It is a very quiet space and you can hardly see some cars and people on bikes passing by. It can help to feel relaxed and at peace.

3- Odd Tinkering

This quickly became one of my favorite YouTube channels. He's a Danish man who restores all kinds of "antiques," including many old damaged video game consoles, and makes them look like new. The video has touches on ASRM and often both the process and the results are very satisfying. But the sound that you will hear throughout watching the videos in it will feel with comfort.

4- Chyrosran22

 It is a channel dedicated exclusively to mechanical keyboards and its most abundant content is videos that show the shape of the various keys and keys on a large variety of specialized keyboards that are rare, antique or even modern. If you are one of those who appreciates this kind of sounds, then you will have a lot of content in this channel.

5- Glavnyiy Mehanik

This is a Russian channel from a craftsman making a lot of things with metal. Her videos are also hypnotic and although his creations are a lot more rustic, it's still great to see how he gives new shapes to some everyday things.

6- Watercolor by Shibasaki

This is a channel by a Japanese artist who specializes in watercolor. Many of his videos are tutorials for you to learn how to draw, others are quick sketches that he makes in just a few minutes which looks great. Watching it in action is fun as it is very relaxing.

7- Liziqi

Liziqi is very popular in China and her YouTube channel has also become very popular in the West. Be a part of the phenomenon of influencers who lead a rural life and do everything manually. Liziqi is charming and hallucinating a little to see the ridiculous amount of skills this woman has and everything she makes. Additionally, the production and shooting of the videos is very professional.