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5 things we would like to see on the OnePlus 9R

5 things we would like to see on the OnePlus 9R, the most prominent competitor to the Galaxy S20 FE

OnePlus has distinguished itself as one of the most important companies that launch smartphones with great designs and specifications at lower prices than its competitors, but its prices have risen dramatically in recent years with its strong focus in the leading phone market, and it has tried to correct this by launching the Nord series phones that It falls into the category of budget phones.

5 things we would like to see on the OnePlus 9R, the most prominent competitor to the Galaxy S20 FE

But after seeing the success of smartphones that are located in the middle between leading phones and budget phones that come with leading specifications at medium prices, such as: a (Pixel 5) phone from Google, and a phone (Galaxy S20 FE) from Samsung, OnePlus is looking once again to restore Its position as one of the most important companies offering distinctive smartphones at affordable prices.

As it announced that its event scheduled to take place today, March 8, is on schedule, and it is expected to announce it at the new models of its flagship phones: (OnePlus 9) and (OnePlus 9 Pro) In addition, according to many rumors, the company is expected to announce it. Also about its new phone (OnePlus 9R), which falls in the category of phones with leading specifications at competitive prices, to compete with other companies in this market, such as: Samsung and Google.

Will its new phone really compete with the Galaxy S20 FE, and can the company replicate the same success that Samsung found with its phone in the previous year? Well, if her phone manages to meet most or all of the following five points then it definitely has a chance to compete.

5 things we would like to see on the OnePlus 9R, the most prominent competitor to the Galaxy S20 FE

1- Distinctive design with striking colors:

The best way to distinguish any phone from its competitors is through the design and nothing stands out more than the brilliant, new and striking colors, as many consumers agree that one of the reasons for the attraction of the Galaxy S20 FE is its multiple color options that come with up to six in addition to the set of features And specifications, of course, and this is what the company should focus on in its next phone.

2- OnePlus 9r phone officially supported the water resistance feature:

This may be unimportant to many, especially for a phone that does not fall into the leading category, but for years the company has mentioned that its phones are waterproof, but it has not obtained an official certificate to support it, yet we find that most smartphones that cost less than $ 600 have an approved certificate. And the official water resistance according to the IP rating, so the company must officially add this feature in order to compete seriously.

3- Support for fast wired charging feature:

The phone (OnePlus 8T) comes with a 65-watt wired charger, and this is what the (OnePlus 9R) phone should come with. The wireless charging feature may be very unimportant, especially since those who use this phone often care about the phone’s performance, regardless of the charging method.

Assuming that the phone screen will be LED HD and not Quad HD +, and it will work with a Snapdragon processor of the 600 or 700 series instead of the latest Snapdragon 888 or 865+, so the phone should include a long-lasting battery as long as the company will not reduce the charging experience.

4- Camera Quality Improvement:

OnePlus has always suffered a lot from a noticeable weakness in the performance of the camera of its smartphones, and this does not mean that the cameras of its phones are bad, but rather they are good and do what is required, but compared to the cameras in phones such as: Pixel 5 and Galaxy S21 Ultra and a large group of Huawei and Sony phones, it is what Still a bit late.

In order to overcome this weakness, reports indicate that the company has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Swedish giant (Hasselblad) - which works in the development and production of camera technologies - to bring the best of the company's camera technologies to its smartphones.

Although most of the expectations indicate that these technologies may be in the leading phone models, some of them indicated that the OnePlus 9R would also benefit from this distinguished partnership.

5- The OnePlus 9R should come at a lower price than the OnePlus T8:

Zen Plus launched a phone (OnePlus 8T) for the first time at a price of $ 750, and then it is very appropriate for a phone (OnePlus 9R) to come within a price range of 700 or $ 600 if it does not contain the latest processor and does not come with a new design, because competing phones It comes at under $ 750.

Given that the budget (OnePlus Nord) series of phones comes with a few hundred dollars lower prices, there is ample room for the company to reduce the price of the upcoming OnePlus 9R by 50 to 100 dollars, especially if it wants to form some pressure on Samsung, the most prominent competitor. to her.