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5 alternative programs for Kodi to watch movies and series on your phone and computer for free


 5 alternative programs for Kodi to watch movies and series on your phone and computer for free

We all agree that Kodi is one of the best entertainment software due to its functionality, catalog, customization and OS. But you may want to try an alternative in case you like more than what this program ultimately offers. Well, we'll leave you with some of the things we loved the most.

5 alternative programs for Kodi to watch movies and series on your phone and computer for free

We will now see many examples of other tools similar to Kodi that you might like to be able to enjoy series, movies, live TV broadcasts or music, as is the case in Kodi.

5 alternative programs for Kodi to watch movies and series on your phone and computer for free

1- Stremio

It is one of the best alternatives that also uses add-ons that read the content of torrent pages. Its multimedia elements are organized by Lingo database. It's compatible with DLNA wireless connectivity, so if we have it on a compatible device, such as a smartphone, we can send the image. One of the most interesting aspects of Stremio is that it can be programmed to instantly play content in high definition, which is something we consider a big plus, plus the ability to automatically detect subtitles as well. We have it available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux systems, so it is compatible with the most popular operating systems.

2- Popcorn Time

If you like movies and series, PopCorn Time will be a perfect fit for you, not only because it is a great alternative to Kodi. This launcher is very similar to Kodi in certain aspects and being open source we have multiple options when it comes to updates. It organizes the content very effectively. The interface is very easy to handle, as we can see movies with just a click. We can work with this tool practically the same way we use Kodi, in addition to being compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android devices.

3- Plex

This is a multimedia server that acts as a client for different types of devices. The similarities between Plex and Kodi are more than clear, although there is a fundamental difference that Plex has a client-server architecture, that is, it transforms a user's host into a kind of multimedia server that allows content to be played on different types of devices. With Plex, you need a server, so it's best to use a computer that works most of the time with an internet connection. So on this computer we will have our own movies, series, and music files. In addition, we can see it in the rest of the devices that we want and it will allow us to configure it so that it will be watched on TV as well, so everything will be complete.

4- MediaPortal

This is another open source media center designed for Windows. One of the colleges that attracts the most attention is the video recorder in it, which is something not found in the vast majority of gadgets of this type on the market. We will be able to watch movies and series as well as television programs, but it also provides us with TV texts and programming guides, all this knowing that we will be able to record everything that appears on the screen.

5- Emby

This is an app similar to Plex and thus with many similarities to Kodi. We also have a server that will be the place where we leave our movies or series so that we can watch them on different devices. The interface is similar to what we have seen in all programs of this type, so it will be easy for everyone to use it.
We can integrate plugins for customization, DLNA service, Chromecast compatibility and fairly complete parental controls, so Emby can be perfectly used for sharing with the whole family, just by choosing who can see all of them.

These are the 5 best Kodi alternative programs to watch movies, series and channels on your phone and computer for free