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5 tools to help you know who's following you online

 5 tools to help you know who's following you online

Having online tracking tools and codes in websites is a very natural thing, but nevertheless if some developers have integrated these codes in their sites to track you does not mean that you cannot take steps to stop it, as there are many tools and browser extensions that give you a near-comprehensive view of who It tracks you and how to limit your tracking.

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1- Panopticlick tool:

The tool (Panopticlick) analyzes the current browser settings, including: add-ons and extensions that you have installed to measure the number of trackers who track your browsing session, but remember: the result that appears to you varies depending on the number of extensions that you install or the tools built into the browser that help On blocking tracking tools and ads.

2- Add Disconnect:

The Disconnect extension - available for all web browsers - blocks more than 2000 tracking codes from online tracking codes, which helps websites load 27% faster, and through this extension you can allow some websites to track you if you want to That, by putting it on the whitelist.

You can install the extension in your browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, where you can see all the tracking tools that track you through the current browsing session.

3- Lightbeam Addition:

Addition (Lightbeam) helps you to know the tracking tools across all the sites that you visit, as it shows you a network of tracking codes between the individual sites that you visit, and every website you visit is added to the graph with the tracking codes associated with it, and the more websites you browse the more links Among the tracking codes, which shows exactly how many.

The extension is available for free for Google Chrome users on the Chrome Web Store.

4- Trackography:

Trackography is an open source project that aims to explore online tracking around the world and increase transparency, by visualizing a wide range of tracking tools and codes.

You can use the Trackography tool to check the following:

  • The companies that follow you.

  • Countries that host the servers of the companies that follow you.

  • Countries hosting the network infrastructure required to access these media servers and trackers.

  • More information about how tracking companies handle your data in relation to their privacy policies.
In general, (Trackography) is a visual guide if you want to understand more about the mechanism of online tracking tools, all you have to do is go to the site via this link, then choose the host countries, then select the site you are browsing, and you will see lines of communication spread Instantly from the host country, showing the path your data is taking, as well as the multiple locations where you had no idea your data was moving through.

5- Am I Unique tool:

Am I Unique focuses on studying the diversity of digital fingerprinting - which websites and companies use to identify you based on device data - in browsers and providing developers with data to help them design good defenses.

As this tool records your device’s digital fingerprint data and adds it to its database, adding a cookie for four months to your system in the process, and you can then return to the tool within a few weeks and examine the changes made to your browser’s fingerprint and find out if You no longer have a digital footprint that can be traced back to you or not.

All you have to do is head over to the site via this link. Then click on the option (View My Browser Fingerprint) and wait for the analysis to complete and then check the results. If you want to periodically analyze the development of your digital footprint, you can install the extension in your browser and it is available for free for browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox.