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What is the best destination for Mohamed Salah? .. Football experts settle the controversy


 What is the best destination for Mohamed Salah? .. Football experts settle the controversy

The future of the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah, the wing of the first football team at Liverpool, has become the talk of all global sports circles, especially after the Reds ’results in the English Premier League and their chances of qualifying for the Champions League for the next season were weak, in addition to the fluctuation of the relationship between the pharaoh and the German coach Juergen Klopp.

What is the best destination for Mohamed Salah? .. Football experts settle the controversy

And Mohamed Salah joined Liverpool in the summer of the 2017 season for 37.8 million pounds, coming from Rome, Italy, so that the Egyptian Pharaoh wrote his name in gold letters in the history of the Reds and became the star of the first team.

Many press reports linked the name of the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah to leaving the ranks of Liverpool in the next period of the summer transfers, due to his poor relationship with the German coach Jürgen Klopp, in addition to the decline in the Reds' results and his weak chances of entering the golden square in the Premier League table, and from Then he did not qualify for the Champions League for the next football season.

The British newspaper "Daily Star" mentioned in a previous report that Mohamed Salah, the English wing of Liverpool, has decided to leave the "Anfield" castle in the coming period of the upcoming summer transfers.

The newspaper pointed out that Salah informed the English management of Liverpool of his desire to leave the team, and stated that the direction of the Egyptian pharaoh would be towards the Spanish League to join one of the Real Madrid and Barcelona teams.

The newspaper completed its report on Mohamed Salah, explaining that Real Madrid is the closest to contracting with the English wing of Liverpool, in light of the difficulty of joining Meringue Kylian Mbappe, the French Paris Saint-Germain player, and the Norwegian Erling Haaland, the German star Borussia Dortmund, who is close to Barcelona after Juan Laporta's victory in the presidential elections. 

Salah's agent confirms the world press reports

The talk of international press reports about the future of Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool winger, and his approach to leaving the Reds in the new season, was confirmed indirectly by Rami Abbas, the agent of the Egyptian player, specifically on the fourth of March, after the end of the Liverpool and Chelsea match, which the latter won, which is the confrontation that witnessed Al-Masry was angry at the decision to replace him, so that the player's agent commented with a strange "tweet" via his official account on the social networking site "Twitter", which was only a point.

Football experts' opinion on the best decision for Salah

"surpluses" reviews the following the most prominent statements of a number of football experts regarding the best decision for the Liverpool star, between staying with the Reds or leaving to Real Madrid or Barcelona in the coming period of the summer transfers.

Hafeez Draghi: I would prefer Salah to stay in Liverpool, Barca, and Real Madrid

For his part, Hafeez Darraji, the Algerian commentator on the future of Mohamed Salah, commented in exclusive statements to "Sky News Arabia": "Mohamed Salah knows his interest, I do not have many data and details that make the difference, but as long as his contract continues with Liverpool, I prefer that he stay until the season." Penultimate and then choose the correct option for him. "

And the famous Algerian commentator continued: "Mohamed Salah is at the age of 28 years, and there are three or four years left for him at the high level, so he must choose the correct option."

Regarding the best for Mohamed Salah between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Draghi commented: "Barça and Real Madrid have no choice for Mohamed Salah, and they will hold the conclusion, and even staying in Liverpool is not bad in light of the position he enjoys within the club despite his current difficult circumstances."

He concluded: "If Mohamed Salah feels that his psychological conditions have worsened recently, I advise him to leave."

"Mohlhem Salah" reveals the best decision of the Egyptian Pharaoh

The "Sky News Arabia" tour continues and talks here with Diaa Al-Sayed, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, whom Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool winger, spoke about, that he was his inspiration and his idol since he was his coach with the Egypt junior team in the 2011 World Cup.

Al-Sayed told "Sky News Arabia": "The best for Salah is what Salah decides himself. We do not know the circumstances surrounding him. Everyone talks about the player's future according to desires only. Whoever encourages Barcelona wants Salah in Barcelona and whoever encourages Real Madrid wants him in Real Madrid."

And the former coach of the Egypt national team continued: "Salah is managed by a large working group, and he is well aware of how he determines his future in the coming period, and this maturity was evident in his decisions since he was in Basel, Switzerland and until he arrived at Liverpool, and in general I trust Mohammed's decision whatever it is." .

And on the possibility of Liverpool not qualifying for the Champions League, the former Salah coach commented: "There is no problem with Mohamed Salah staying with Liverpool, even if he does not participate in the Champions League. Salah has become a legend there and an icon, and the player's mentality has become completely different."

Regarding his advice to Mohamed Salah in the recent period, the former coach of the Pharaohs completed: "I am not late in giving my advice to Mohamed Salah, when he asks for it, and I fully trust Muhammad in choosing the correct decision, and I wish him the best in the coming period."

Khaled Ghoneim: Salah will become a key player with Real Madrid and will find competition in Barcelona

In the same context, Khaled Ghoneim, the Egyptian coach in the former Spanish team Atletico Madrid, and coach of the youth team at Rayo Vallecano, reveals the best team for Mohamed Salah in the League and his opinion on the departure of the pharaoh from Liverpool.

Ghoneim says: "Mohamed Salah is now clearly developing his level and tactical maturity. He can play in any club and any style of play because he has the flexible tactical personality and physical abilities that qualify him to play in any club in any style of play."

And on the extent of Barcelona's need for Salah, the former Atletico Madrid coach explained: "Real Madrid or Barcelona need Salah, but in Barcelona it will be in competition between him and Dembele, and it is possible that Messi is playing with an outspoken striker."

Khaled Ghoneim concluded his statements about the extent of Salah benefiting the Real Madrid team and his departure from Liverpool: "At Real Madrid, Mohamed Salah will become essential, so staying in Liverpool after the last scenes will become difficult, unless Liverpool changes the strategy of dealing with Salah."

Amir Abdel Halim: Real Madrid is the best for Salah and his departure from Liverpool is a matter of time

And sports analyst Amir Abdel Halim expressed his technical opinions if Real Madrid signed with Mohamed Salah, and his view of the departure of the Egyptian star from the walls of "Anfield" in the new season.

The sports analyst said: "I think it is in the interest of Mohamed Salah and also Liverpool to leave the player at the end of the season. It is clear that there is a real problem which is that the player does not find sufficient appreciation in Liverpool, and this matter is felt by all followers and appeared during Klopp's substitution for Salah in the Chelsea match at The 60th minute despite being the best player in the team in general during that confrontation. "

Abdel Halim continued: "Mohamed Salah is in the same category as Messi Ronaldo and they do not leave the stadium due to their failure to play defensive roles, in contrast to Klopp's statements."

And the sports analyst added to "Sky News Arabia": "It is clear that there is a problem in Liverpool between Salah and Mani, and it appeared in the unwillingness of the two to pass the ball to each other, and in general Salah should obtain a greater appreciation in Liverpool, given his numbers and his competition for the league's top scorer title." Englishman, in addition to his outstanding form in the Champions League. "

And on the best for Salah, Amir explained: "It is better for Salah to leave Liverpool to achieve the prizes he wants, such as the balloon role, and the best for Liverpool is also for the player to leave to take advantage of the player's high selling value, especially that he is at his peak."

And a prominent sports analyst in Egypt, about the best Egyptian player between Barcelona and Real Madrid, continued: “Barcelona and Real Madrid are the world players, and Salah will add marketing value to the League, especially after the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, and his best departure to Real Madrid.”

Amir Abdel Halim analyzes the extent to which Real Madrid has benefited from Mohamed Salah: “Of course, Mohamed Salah is technically useful for Real Madrid on the right side, because the team suffers in this position because of Asensio’s injury in addition to Rodrigue’s young age. Mohamed Salah, with his speed and numbers, will benefit Real Madrid, especially as the team He could not make up for Ronaldo and the team depends on Karim Benzema's goals. "

Abdel Halim concluded: "The presence of Mohamed Salah will be very beneficial in terms of marketing for the LaLiga championship, especially after Laporta's victory in the presidential elections in Barcelona and the possibility of the strong Messi remaining, which is the expected competition on which most countries depend on marketing broadcasting rights."

Walid Salah El-Din: I hope Mohamed Salah will leave for Real Madrid

Walid Salah El-Din, the playmaker of the former Al-Ahly club, and the technical analyst, gives several advice via "Sky News Arabia" to Mohamed Salah, the English winger, Liverpool.

Walid Salahuddin says: "I see that the best for Mohamed Salah is to move to Real Madrid in the new season, because he made everything with Liverpool and won all possible championships and won the title of top scorer in the English Premier League and became an icon of Liverpool, and this is the most appropriate time for his departure."

And about the extent to which Real Madrid benefited from the services of Salah, the former Al-Ahly star commented: “I hope that Salah will go to Real Madrid despite my encouraging affiliation to Barcelona, ​​but I see that Mohamed Salah’s chances in Real Madrid are very strong on the right side, because the team relies on fast play and it is What distinguishes Salah. "

Regarding the first star in Real Madrid, Salah El-Din continued: “I am not convinced of the idea of ​​the star in the team, and the idea of ​​Messi and Ronaldo is supernatural in history and not a rule. The idea of ​​the Liverpool team is all strong and the Reds players complete some and it is the same situation in Real Madrid if Salah comes, the team s becomes the star and not Salah".

Walid Salah El-Din completed his statements about the Egyptian Pharaoh: "Mohamed Salah is a great star, and his performance will impose himself at Real Madrid and will be highly beneficial from a technical point of view."