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WRC 9 launcher for Switch


  WRC 9 launcher for Switch

Nacon celebrates the launch of the Nintendo Switch miniature version of the racing game WRC 9

The company confirmed that the new version is equipped with all the content of the other versions of the game without cutting anything from it, and at the top you will find the official launch offer for this version.

WRC 9 is also available on PC and home consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

WRC 9: World Rally Championship review

In early 2001 the World Rally Championship series appeared for the first time and was able at that time to achieve a good performance that made it quickly obtain the rights to the annual "rally" championship through its participation with the "International Rally Car Racing Federation / FIA" and the series obtained the official championship rights, whether racing cars And sponsors and even contestants, and the series began to be released year after year without any pause until we come today to the WRC 9: World Rally Championship game that is in our hands, which comes from the development of the Kylotonn team and the deployment of Nacon, and the time has come to learn what its public release offers and whether it will provide a new experience Or the same experience of previous years with the addition of only some new contestants.

WRC 9 launcher for Switch

The game system and as usual parts of the series depends on the famous "rally" races and the presentation of the 2019/2020 season within the game's events. The players compete in many competitions during bumpy tracks and roads, and in order to be able to win, you will have to finish the race as soon as possible versus other players, the game WRC 9 It now owns more than 35 race circuits varied between 13 cities around the world, there are circuits characterized by their rough lands and there are others that feature endless slopes and give the race an exciting challenging flavor in addition to the effects of the climate around some of the races that will be present in some circuits that add great realism to the game, and there are This year, the release of 3 completely new circuits, namely Rally Safari Kenay, which takes us to the picturesque and wild nature of the competition with artificial intelligence through open and somewhat bumpy roads, while the second circuit, as indicated by the name Rally New Zealand, takes us to "New Zealand" in the middle of narrow roads full of dust and conditions The cruel race, and in the end we finally go to Rally Japan, which returns again after an absence of many years on that series and dangerous races, whether through It is very narrow roads or difficult heights which probably will not cause the vehicle to misalign.

The game, like every edition every year, simulates racing cars participating in the "Rally" championship for the year 2019/2020, where players will be able to experience the most famous cars and the most famous contestants of this year's rally season. All the cars in the game can be tested without having to buy or open some of them as we see some. Other racing games, with some old cars that have been graphically updated to appear in the best way possible through the devices of the current generation, are among the most famous cars that appeared in the old series parts.

The game, as usual, contains two playable modes. There is a single-player phase that offers a distinct competition to the players without the need to connect to the Internet, through the “Career” phase, during which you will start your career in the fun world of rally racing from the bottom until you reach the top and get the title this year For the WRC tournament, in the beginning you will have to choose the team that you prefer to start your professional life with in the racing world, and then start entering many races trying to compete with others in order to be able to win, the game gives you a little realism after you finish each race you enter your car just like We have watched past releases where we will be able to work on the car and repair it completely so that we can prepare it for upcoming races and to run completely smoothly.

But the strange thing about the profession stage specifically is the artificial intelligence in the game. Sometimes you find some races very easy and as if there is no competition between you and artificial intelligence, and at other times you feel as if you entered the stage of group play and compete with real racers in an exciting way, but in general it was giving you that experience but it was an order Strange to switch between this and that in the same phase. The game, like the previous versions, also offers some individual play modes such as challenges and time races or tournament that you can organize and fight against artificial intelligence in a very fun way, which is more like league and cup matches in soccer matches. In addition to this, this year's edition witnessed a new update that introduced a completely different system from previous versions, which is "Clubs Mode", which enables you to create your own club to participate in tournaments, whether various individual play tournaments or even collective tournaments via the network with your friends, and you can join your friends inside the club to participate In different competitions together, it is more like the Clan system found in many other video games.

Sometimes it will require you to race at night, which was very exciting. The lighting of the car was not strong enough to make you watch the circuit and present you with races full of adrenaline at every step during the race and presented us with very interesting challenges, but the annoying part, whether the race by day or night is the element of the audience that is still I absolutely hate it for years in that series, in many race circuits there were some of them in several places that are difficult to avoid, and you will have to collide with them and the game rewards you for this collision with a second deduction that makes you finish the race late and that was one of the annoying things that we faced with the game in addition to the car. Which is rarely hit despite the collisions you get, and during the career phase you will have to renew your cars at the end of each race because of those collisions that affect your car greatly.

One of the fun things that we always find in WRC games is the group play phase, which makes us enter into enthusiastic races against other players across the network with different styles, whether individual matches, challenges or even team tournaments, but the fun here is the quality of the servers that provide you with a fully competitive experience without any Its flaws, but there is no difference from last year's release, in that particular part.

One of the features that the WRC series offers year after year is the graphic quality that you explore while playing, whether at first glance or while racing more, starting with the graphics of the racetracks that have been presented in a varied and completely realistic way. With cars and modifications, they are much more like real cars and even through raindrops and climatic atmospheres that appear in the best way that we can see in any other racing game except for sure what is in the famous Forza series, but it can provide stronger performance through new generation devices, especially since the game supports free upgrade For new generation devices.

The game also performed well in terms of sounds, but as usual in previous versions, it lacks a lot of the music and songs that we are used to in most racing games, but it can be overlooked after the development team paid attention to the smallest details such as engine sounds, car wheels humping the race track, in addition to the sounds of rain and dust scattering. So realistic, the game also sees the voices of the driver's assistants trying to steer during the races as well as the crowd's voices as they close to the finish line.


The game WRC 9: World Rally Championship still maintains the distinguished performance of the parts of the series, which are almost superior in many elements to many racing games, whether annual or separate versions, but if you are someone who has tried those versions, the game did not offer us anything new except Some new racetracks or club style and even improvements in graphic performance, but otherwise, the game has not seen any changes, so it can be said that it is worth a try for newcomers only, as for old players, they will not feel the value of the game and the existence of a fundamental difference from last year's edition in particular.